How to operate reflow soldering correctly?
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How to operate reflow soldering correctly, Touch screen and OLED Forum
This post was edited by Shenzhen Zhichi at 09:45, August 17, 2019 (E1 C2 R + T7 H9 R + T)! I! }% |* V6 v* q$ Z# J   @.. 3 x! r+ s- F9 }' n%V # G6 \) | D, J, h in SMT production line, how do we operate reflow soldering correctly? What are the operation steps? Here, the SMT manufacturer tells you how to operate reflow soldering correctly?( z4 Y2 i4 c' G# U7 w0 S% W8 e* H( ]    U- N1 U! C. x) p8 ~( m/ E7 x: E1 p+ o) i3 d( {8 O5 ~, u1、 Check whether there are sundries in the equipment, clean it well and ensure safety, then start the machine and select the production program to start the temperature setting.
2. The width of reflow soldering guide rail should be adjusted according to the width of PCB.

How to operate reflow soldering correctly?

turn on the air conveying, mesh belt conveying and cooling fan.
3. The temperature of reflow soldering machine should be controlled with lead high (245 ± 5) The temperature of tin furnace for lead products should be controlled at (255 ℃) ± 5) According to the parameters given by the welding process, strictly control the computer parameter setting of the reflow welding machine.
record the parameters of the reflow welding machine on time every day.
4. Turn on the temperature switch in sequence.
when the temperature rises to the set temperature, you can start to pass, PCB and PCB, Pay attention to the direction when passing through the board.
ensure that the distance between the two continuous boards of the conveyor belt is not less than 10 mm.
v. adjust the width of the reflow conveyor belt to the corresponding position.
the width and flatness of the conveyor belt are consistent with the circuit board,Check the batch number of materials to be processed and relevant technical requirements.
6. Small reflow welder shall not cause blistering of copper and platinum due to too long time and too high temperature; The solder joint must be smooth and bright.
all solder pads of the circuit board must be tinned; The circuit with bad welding must be rewound, and the second rewinding must be carried out after cooling. 7. Wear gloves to pick up the welding PCB, and only touch the edge of the PCB. 10 samples are sampled every hour to check the bad condition, and record the data.
in the production process, if it is found that the parameters can not meet the production requirements.
if it is not possible to adjust the parameters by itself, the technician must be informed immediately.
8 Temperature measurement: insert the sensors into the receiving socket of the tester in turn.
turn on the power switch of the tester, place the tester in reflow soldering, reflow soldering with the old PCB board, and take out the temperature data recorded by the tester in the process of reflow soldering, which is the original data of the temperature curve of the reflow welder.
9 The name and other classification should be put in place.
to prevent bad mixing.
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