Seven factors to consider in purchasing automatic industrial washing machine
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Seven factors to consider when purchasing automatic industrial washing machine: touch screen and OLED Forum
As for the quality of industrial washing machines, laundry equipment, water washing equipment and automatic washing machines, we only judge by their working efficiency and performance, and often compare them by experience. Such an approach can not get a fair and objective answer, Based on this, Shijiazhuang New Star Industrial washing machine Co., Ltd. has sorted out the following seven factors to be considered in purchasing automatic industrial washing machines:/ k4 p! \ 6 e    X, m! ? 4 A7 B1, shell material: the automatic washing line has been in a relatively humid and high temperature place for a long time, and its operation has been in contact with water for a long time, so its corrosion resistance is very important.
this requires the selection of 304 stainless steel plate for shell production.
its chemical property is weak acid-base resistance, and some poor manufacturers choose 202, or even 201 material to replace it, In this way, the cost can be saved, but users will rust after using for a period of time.

Seven factors to consider in purchasing automatic industrial washing machine

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]2. Frequency converter: the frequency converter is the core component to control the operation of the automatic washing machine. The general users can't judge the advantages and disadvantages of the frequency converter. However, the LS series frequency converters are commonly used in the market for the automatic washing machine.
however, due to their high price.
in order to save costs, many manufacturers use domestic series frequency converters, The stability of its operation is greatly reduced.
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s! j7 C$ z; U( e8 ]. r6 j3. Bearing: seven factors to consider when purchasing automatic industrial washing machine! When the automatic washing line works, the drum needs to rotate, especially when it is running at a high speed for dehydration. The bearing plays an important role in supporting its high speed operation. Ordinary bearings are easy to get hot, but it will cause bearing annealing,The molecular structure becomes loose and not durable, which is the reason why many small factories no longer dare to raise the speed of automatic washing machine after using ordinary bearings in order to save costs. Therefore, the quality of bearings directly affects the performance of automatic washing machine.
in terms of bearings.
the better quality of bearings comes from the bearings made by manufacturers in Germany, Japan and other countries, Shijiazhuang New Star washing and dyeing machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. adopts Japanese NSK Bearings, and the quality is guaranteed.
the New Star washing and dyeing machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd! H * V% k-e: p'l% U * k + H4, roller: the roller is the part carrying the washing materials.
generally, it will not deform and damage in a short time, but it will also have many problems such as corrosion and falling off in a long time. These problems are mainly caused by the manufacturing materials and welding technology. Generally speaking, stainless steel 304 is the preferred material for the inner cylinder of 100kg automatic washing line, Its thickness is 3.0 mm, but the thickness adopted by many manufacturers is 2.0 mm, which will not change in a short time. However, there is a tension in the radial direction of the drum in each dehydration process, which is "elastic deformation" in physics. The material thickness is not easy to change, and it will change when the material is thin, which can not be reversed. It will cause unstable dehydration and greatly reduce the service life in the future& Q/ P( W* j- A! b! A5. Manufacturing process: whether the processing accuracy of parts meets the requirements, whether the welding parts are tight and firm, whether the pipeline is installed tightly, whether the circuit installation identification is in place, whether the shock absorption unit is installed reasonably, and whether the screw nuts are fastened in place and other details are perfect.
we can see the quality of the whole automatic washing line.
all these can be observed by naked eyes.
the quality of the whole automatic washing line can be seen* W) A0 B3 \* A( R( ~; L% T & {& W6, dehydration rate: how about the dehydration rate of automatic washing line.
results: the dehydration rate of automatic washing line is higher than that of automatic washing lineIn short, the moisture content of cloth after water removal directly affects the next process.
. P. Q (x (s    w3 q' O( J7. Others: variable frequency motor, computer control panel, stability.
these are common components. Although their quality will change the quality of the whole product, they will affect the normal use of the whole automatic washing machine, industrial washing machine, laundry equipment and water washing equipment, reflecting the excellence of this brand.
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