What are the process requirements for reflow soldering?
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8 @5 T2 E2 u/ ~$ O% {- }) p% F: @: c9 s( _( B7 Z/ o1 J2 ]& FReflow soldering technology is no stranger in the field of electronic manufacturing. The components on various boards and cards used in our computers are welded to the circuit board through this process.
the advantage of this process is that the temperature is easy to control.

What are the process requirements for reflow soldering?

oxidation can be avoided in the welding process, The manufacturing cost is also easier to control.
there is a heating circuit inside the device.
after the nitrogen is heated to a high enough temperature, it is blown to the circuit board where the components have been pasted, so that the solders on both sides of the components melt and bond with the motherboard.
the device is easy to control: A.
c2 x   `: B3 ^, _- n; T: D* V    H1 F5 I* R; F1 T1. Set reasonable temperature curve of reflow soldering and test the temperature curve regularly.
2* E) @( b& r: J. h* [" I0 k4 _ 9 b# [% y. @! }- } 8 _ 2. The PCB should be welded according to the welding direction of PCB design.
* Z. @: R7 H    l" F    I+ g( Q.
_ 7 b# H5 I. q# @0 k! X: m3. Avoid the vibration of conveyor belt during welding.
2" S& t9 E. C    Y. L$ I' }   H1 T6 S2 ` 8 R) H3 H 4_ a( D. s6 ?- b& m0 y% B    5. Whether the welding is sufficient, whether the surface of the solder joint is smooth, whether the shape of the solder joint is half moon, the situation of solder ball and residue, the situation of continuous welding and false weldingThe color change of PCB surface should also be checked.
and the temperature curve should be adjusted according to the inspection results.
the welding quality should be checked regularly in the whole batch production process.
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