Introduction of reflow soldering and reflow soldering technology
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6 q( ^* G0 }7 q( d9 o* ], z+ C, Q3 c+ _ 4 g, J-T (H% K: F "J8 R) what is reflow soldering? Reflow is a kind of reflow soldering that realizes the mechanical and electrical connection between the solder end or pin of surface mount components and the pad of printed circuit board by remelting the paste solder previously distributed to the pad of printed circuit board. Reflow soldering is to weld components to PCB board, and reflow soldering is for surface mount devices. Reflow soldering relies on the effect of hot air flow on the solder joint, and the colloidal flux reacts physically under a certain high temperature air flow to achieve SMD soldering; The reason why it is called "reflow welding" is that the gas circulates in the welding machine and produces high temperature to achieve the purpose of welding. 6 A+ F# \0 a, A- Z# ]: e0 D) ~- \; Q) J'k% i7 s reflow soldering technology is no stranger in the field of electronic manufacturing. The components on various boards used in our computer are welded to the circuit board through this process. There is a heating circuit inside the equipment, which heats the air or nitrogen to a high enough temperature and then blows it to the circuit board where the components have been attached, so that the solders on both sides of the components melt and bond with the motherboard. The advantages of this process are that the temperature is easy to control, oxidation is avoided in the welding process, and the manufacturing cost is easier to control N7 c" }9 d) l5 u( A6 m; ]。

Introduction of reflow soldering and reflow soldering technology

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