Mounter manufacturers explain the preparation before Panasonic Mounter starts up
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Mounter manufacturers explain the preparation work before Panasonic Mounter power on, touch screen and OLED Forum
In the SMT production process, the most basic work of Panasonic Mounter before starting up is to connect the power, ground the gas, and turn on the power switch.

Mounter manufacturers explain the preparation before Panasonic Mounter starts up

generally, the industrial power is three-phase electricity.
for high-speed machine, there should be a certain order of power connection, or the vacuum pump inside will reverse. For medium speed machine, it is generally necessary to distinguish the live wire from the ground wire, and only by making preparations can it operate quickly and efficiently, To create value for customers.
the detailed steps of preparation before starting Panasonic Mounter generally include the following steps:; I. G- j" O; c! ~) a% N" w+ S' |7 n5 Z7 C% E% i; K+ L+ T8 E1 \" e9 j" ^+ W) f3 }; U! G1. Prepare the product process file of the mounter.
3 u $B. I: J - U8 ~! Q2. Collect materials (PCB, components) according to the mounting list of the product process documents and check them.
1' F9 B. `$ Q0 N- @; X-v3. The PCB that has been opened and packaged should be cleaned and baked according to the length of opening time and whether it is affected by moisture or pollution. Z* K: ]& I$ z9 _ 1 I $B4. Check the components after unsealing.
handle the wetted components according to SMT process components management requirements.
! N3 f+ X: l9 z# l5. According to the specifications and types of the components, select the closed feeder.
and correctly install the ribbon feeder.
when loading, align the center of the components with the pick-up center of the feeder.
2 @% P0]: t0 K4 o-m6. After the preparation, we turn on the power supply of the SMT device according to the SMT device safety technical operation specification.
the SMT device safety technical operation specification is completed( _- ^ 2 w+ ? Secondly, we need to check whether the vacuum pressure has met the requirements of the equipment#X (@ 6 H3 W6 P) x # ^ 'N8, turn on the placement machine servo system, and then return the X.
y axis to the original position of the source point.
the placement machine servo system is turned on# r: Z; T/ x! V (n * D /} 9. Adjust the rail width of the transmission system according to the width of the PCB circuit board to ensure that the PCB can slide freely on the rail.
. R6 K8 | "} #]10. Check and make sure that there are no obstacles in the movement range of SMT guide rail, mounting head and tray rack.
4 I0 M / K5 @ 3 K (E8 L; v! T11. Finally, set the PCB positioning device and start the placement.
3 J%].
P / A6 O + R6 ^% _$ G" j+ B        The above is the preparation work before the start-up of Panasonic mounter, and it is also the most basic requirement. If you encounter problems that can not be solved in the preparation work, you must contact the mounter manufacturer in time, so as to solve them quickly.
k8a; m1 O) P0 p0 d; R   \ 2 [# G) \; t.
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