Panasonic Mounter has those bearing mechanism introduction
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Panasonic chip mounter has those bearing mechanism introduction, touch screen and OLED forum
l" [% N    U0 p1 G1 K1 ^+ b8 |: c' i& ?$ m       Panasonic mounter and all mechanical equipment samples, as well as a load-bearing frame, used to use metal profiles and steel plates and other materials, which were made by welding. With the improvement of speed and accuracy, higher requirements are put forward for the stability of the frame base. In recent years, many other models have used the traditional casting structure of machine tool equipment, and my casting technology is quite advanced, This technology is convenient for general small batch production, which is also a favorable condition for small and medium-sized electronic products processing plants to use Panasonic mounter.. w* z/ D0 N3 J, h( G% F& M9 ? 5 H/ ]+ N; i5 n* H。。。

Panasonic Mounter has those bearing mechanism introduction

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