How to stand out in the trade war_ Energy saver
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How to stand out in the trade war_ Energy saver, touch screen and OLED Forum
The hot news during this period is the Sino US trade war. It is precisely because of the Sino US trade war that many circuit board industries have problems.

How to stand out in the trade war_ Energy saver

the prices of raw materials have soared.
the sharp reduction of orders has made many manufacturers specializing in exporting circuit boards very uncomfortable, We can only move to the domestic market.
the domestic circuit board market is already full.
how to stabilize ourselves against the sudden influx of a large number of competitors? Let's give you some advice, that is to use energy saver.
- - 1 T / A * F% B & n   D. F$ W" ? 8t starts from the production cost.
there are more and more competitors.
the price of circuit board is very transparent. When the quality is almost the same, we have to work hard from the production cost.
of course.
this does not mean to reduce the quality of products, It's just to reduce some unnecessary waste.
for example, the baking process of circuit board.
when the oven is running, a large part of electric heat energy will be wasted, Here, we can optimize the energy saving by using the oven economizer of Tianxingjian Electromechanical.
using the oven economizer can save about 100 degrees of electricity every day.
this can save a large part of the production cost in disguise.
What's more, the economizer can not only save energy.
it can also increase the production efficiency, which can increase the production capacity by more than 15%, Here, you can greatly widen the distance between you and your competitors.
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W / VDetails determine success or failure, especially in such a tense period, if you don't pay attention to details, you will be defeated by your opponent. Some failures may be temporary, but some failures are over.
/} $D6 Q% W4_ 0 G8 W2 |( b4 F8 |8 G8 Q: s6 ]# X( I24 hour customer service hotline: if you are interested in or have any questions about the above oven economizers.
Please ClickPlease contact the defoamer manufacturer of Tianxingjian electromechanical Co., Ltd.
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