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Bentley prox 330780-90-00 Bentley prox 330780-51-00 Bentley prox 330180-51-cn' W. c9 k8 |- ], @( E7 e$ j8 {! B) {1 z' |, @" nBently Nevada seismoprobe speed sensor system is designed to measure (relative to free space) vibration of bearing housing, casing or structure.

Bentley prox 330780-90-00 Bentley prox 330780-51-00 Bentley prox 330180-51-cn

the two-wire system consists of transducer and appropriate cable.
the system is designed to measure vibration of bearing housing, casing or structure)K6 @ / J3 Q9 B $vseismoprobe series speed sensors adopt two-wire design.
it adopts moving coil technology and provides a voltage output proportional to the vibration speed of the sensor.
unlike solid-state speed sensors (which are inherent). T- s; F9 M.
] acceleration sensor with embedded integrated electronic components), the dynamic coil sensor has low sensitivity to impact or pulse excitation, and can be used as an ideal choice for some applications.
in addition,
because they do not need external power supply, they are convenient for portable measurement applications.
in this paper, the characteristics of the dynamic coil sensor are analyzed(Q (M8 O9 o% W.
hnote: for most installations, Bently Nevada's velomitor * speed sensor family uses solid-state technology to provide higher performance and durability for casing speed measurement applications.
: O) U0 F5]. |% D1 n. p* _: l5 T: |Bently 3300 XL 25 mm differential expansion sensor system (400KB)" X; N * N8 s) O differential expansion (DE) provides measurement of relative expansion / contraction between rotor and shell for large and medium steam turbines mainly used in power generation industryThis sensor system is specially designed to meet the needs of users to measure differential expansion in harsh steam and temperature environment.
it adopts the * robust technology of our differential expansion sensor system.
it is recommended for all new and modified installations to replace our old 25 mm integrated and 7200 series 35 mm sensor system.
& T "n; r4 ~' G6 E' i- ~7 y# o3 h" E.
O, s4 _$ c8 I    C * D / A6 V) U output color display device 12 "SVGA (800 × 600), 270 nits, color LCD flat panel or 15 "XGA (1024 × 768), 200 nits, color liquid crystal plane 6 y6 H0 [9 @: K: x2 U &?Display screen: display data in the form of graphics or text.
visibility is the best when using indoors.
visibility is reduced when using outdoors, so it is recommended to use protective cover when using outdoors.
transistor life - 12 ″ is 30.
000 hours, 15 ″ is 50000 hours.
when the panel is installed correctly.
it meets NEMA4 / 4x standard.
3 W3 B. @ "W: H4`1 G! T8 M. G9 C2 R $O8 @% Q (L7 V) the full-size 3500 frame can be 19 "EIA rail mounted, panel mounted or panel mounted.
the leftmost end of the frame is reserved for two power modules and one frame interface module.
the remaining 14 slots in the frame can be used for monitor, display module, relay module Any combination of Keyphasor module and communication gateway moduleAll modules are inserted into the bottom plate of the frame.
it is composed of the front panel part and the corresponding I / O modules at the rear of the frame.
the permanent wiring is also completed at the rear of the frame.
the depth of the frame is 349mm (13.75inches) *.
when it is required to protect or use purified gas, NEMA 4 and 4x protective covers can be provided.
when it is required to protect or use purified gas, NEMA 4 and 4x protective covers can be provided6 E5 X# r$ |6 S0 \* W/ M3 K" R- ?" H & R5 K. o) r3500 frame also has a mini type (width is 12 "instead of 19") *; However, it only provides 7 slots.
instead of 14.
it is the same as the full-size frame.
its leftmost slot is reserved for the power supply and frame interface module.
the mini frame can be installed in the 19 "EIA rail by panel or through the optional connector board.
it does not need to be installed/ t5 B" E" i3 d" _ 9 _ It can be installed in the form of wall panel.
it can be installed in the form of wall panel- L3 M0 }/ ]! x9 e% l2 J2 a3 L: s/ W# x( e6 T3 OPower Supply5 \4 K& O4 d. \6 @: c! \ 0 v3500 / 15 has two forms of AC and DC.
it is compatible with voltage sources all over the world.
it adopts row noise filtering as the standard form.
in the framework, single power supply or redundant dual power supply can be used when the power supply is not allowed to be interrupted.
they are located in the upper and lower parts of the leftmost slot of the framework respectively.
the redundant power supply can be powered by different voltage sources.
for example, the main power supply is supplied by 120VAC The backup power supply is supplied by the uninterruptible 24 VDC power supply+ C; F    G+ J5 Q7 h6 P9 \; X3 Q0 }( [) N4 e/ REach power supply can supply power for the whole framework and its modules separately.
when the redundant power supply is used.
one is the main power supply of the framework, and the other is the backup power supply. When the main power supply fails, the backup power supply will automatically form the function of the main power supply module to avoid the interruption of the framework operation.
1d'b; y- D* `6 n.
p( MThe 3500 / 15 power supply module has a self-test function, which can monitor whether all the output voltages meet the specifications, and display them through the green "supply OK" led on the front panel of the power supply module.
e / J # d0 B-S   ] 3 T7 m; \; A    Q7 I, |6 }" c6 r$ B6 uFramework interface module. Q    W1 b8 X" ~7 t* Z# b: f8 h' AFrame interface module (RIM) is the main interface between 3500 frame and configuration, display and condition monitoring software.
each frame requires a rim.
it is installed in the frame slot adjacent to the power supply module.
rim supports proprietary protocol.
this protocol uses 3500 configuration software 1 to configure the frame, The framework data and status information are extracted for 3500 operator display software.
when Bently Nevada status monitoring software is used with 3500 system.
rim also uses our proprietary data manager; The protocol is connected to the corresponding external communication processor,For example, tdxnet Tdix or ddix; r( O" ^& z7 Y' O" @; The rim must be located in the rack slot next to the power supply.
the rim contains the system OK relay 2.
it is triggered by the not OK status of rim itself and other modules in the rack.
the rim must be in the rack slot next to the power supply" p. n! ^! ]) p. D0 n.
E0 V * G8 I-O $S9 O + HRIM provides "self-test" function for itself. At the same time, it also provides "self-test" function for the framework in addition to the monitoring functions provided by independent monitors, relays, communication and other modules.
although rim provides some common functions for the whole framework.
it is not a part of the key monitoring channel, It does not affect the correct and normal operation of the whole 3500 system or its mechanical protection function.
2 ~ * Y0 L) U5 ^'m + Z%\8 P! y+ y; M.
}3 o$ I. ? 9 Y6 I, o+ a" F4 ?- R Bentley prox 300180-51-00 8 Z (P5 R (q'l! ~: o/ OBentley prox 124534-01+N9 F3 |) J0 T7 F -'bentley prox 330780-51-00+G. W0 Z3 C & s # M $o - |% h Bentley prox 330180-51-cn$N9 ~'I, V. V0 C $K. {7 ~ Bentley prox 990-05-xx-01-00 mod: 165335-01"N1 K + P1 y + R" I Bentley prox 990-05-70-01-00. I *& H& S,E+ ^! h4 lBentley prox 330780-50-00 # ~ #}. K-N) l0 {; eBentley prox 330850-50-cn Bentley prox 330850-50-050 g* \- H$ T1 K! G # w * l: J Bentley shaft vibration preposition 330180-90-cn (U6 g # J    x" v' L6 ~   ^ 0 ? 8 OBentley prox 330780-90-002} * T6 a% V6 d-o) Y2 eBentley prox 2300 / 20-cn2 c: C7 X% D    E Bentley prox 330780-x1-05 mod148367-351 N* k    O% q) M6 I (m # m Bentley prox 330180-51-05( f& ]    j( E2 F& u! | 8 M; B4 m Bentley prox 330180-91-cn' J+ o7 l, y$ [# r3 n8 {" C( u2 b; I7 o Bentley prox 330180-90-00 (i5 Q * l 'F6 m)Bentley prox 330180-12-cn-D9 J $| 9 I, n ({Bentley prox 990-04-70-01-00; F7 f; l/ w5 e) TBentley prox 330780-51-cn2 H9 F "~ * J3 g Bentley prox 330878-50-cn8 l2 R# k! ] 0}, e Bentley prox 330180-50-00 & G + J & S & | -} & F3 k]Bentley prox 330180-90-05! L9 {. W / D-K "[2 s' C8 R] Bentley prox 990-08-xx-03-cn mod167541-094 Q" E; s. i' U( H$ w! ABentley prox 330180-91-001 f- _/ W2 t 'a $e # ~ & H% U6 U0 e Bentley prox 3500 / 20-01-02-001} 4 J2 f (E; l/ M' c1 E4 }. uBentley prox box 24586-03-018 s; t0 I- J( H    M,x+ M% g4 ? 3 qBentley prox 3500-40-03-00: ^1 u7 x- J0 M; k. _ Bentley prox 330180-x1-cn mod: 145004-239 E& N/ r! Y - I $@) K5 e Bentley prox 330850-51-cn Bentley prox 330850-51-05: S / g! L* S# b( b3 Y& L& ]Bentley prox 330101-00-34-10-02-05 + T + K5 y # H8 W8 U7 Q * VBentley prox 330780-91-cn8 L3 D) k6 J2 J0 `% v. _ 5 m. Y / a Bentley prox 330878-90-00    X. l* v9 V* @; c" {Bentley prox 991-06-50-01-cn8 k! B1 u $Y (H) Bentley prox 330850-90-cn4 m'p. Z8 X / J` 4 M# OBentley prox 330980-71-cn'C - ~ $[) M9 Q Bentley prox 330878-50-00"L. G2 g. n / F0 x% P Bentley prox 3500 / 22-01-01-cn. L0 `. r. q& q,V( G! O Bentley prox 3500 / 61-05-cn! K2 Z2 R / F% T1 G -] & V (I3 | (b) Bentley prox 3500 / 33-01-cn/ z6 t6 k' N- w! G8 s Bentley prox 3500 / 92-04-01-cn4 '* | 3 W "K8 G7 HBentley prox P / n991-06-70-01-00 s / n13b02cyc. ?+ O'o * w * I6 | Bentley prox 23733-03 # h; y' f3 y" o7 j0 E5 |Bentley prox 3500 / 15-05-05-cn*E: l: V4 W7 @. W $[Bentley prox 2300 / 20-cn-00%? 3 ?. L* c. [& ~/ h' P& b. o0 |7 I4 V" U9 ^# \' L$ W( Q3 x    U.
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