SMT surface mount sharing
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Not all connectors provide the same function.
of course.
they may look the same on the surface, and try to complete their design functions, but the similarity is nothing more.

SMT surface mount sharing

when choosing surface mount connectors.
please keep in mind that "details determine success or failure", Or to be more precise, "the lack of detail in the process determines the success or failure."
Surface Mount Connectors undoubtedly provide many advantages, including reducing assembly costs, improving product quality, and improving product quality However,
surface mount connectors also contain some disadvantages that have been recognized, from reliability problems (such as the connector falling off from the circuit board) to assembly problems caused by coplanarity.
in fact, if the design engineer carefully considers and reviews the selection process of the appropriate connector.
this is the case Some of the so-called cognitive shortcomings are no longer a problem.
in this paper, the author analyzes the problems of cognitive defects/ y9 R' R/ E" K( Q! n" ~! u# a. r! g: J% u- f$ V) `1 ?* t# {Therefore.
when you choose surface mount connector, you may consider the following points: which surface mount pin design to use and the reason for using this design; Which measures should be taken to eliminate the mechanical stress; Whether the problem of coplanarity can be solved; Whether it is easy to obtain the sample board and test report.
when purchasing.
all the above questions should be raised, and the decision should be made based on the actual situation, rather than based on the statements provided by the sales staff.
it should be remembered.
the design of surface mount connector is not exactly the same.
the design of surface mount connector is not the same.
the design of surface mount connector is not the same/ g% z5 K1 p1 r* k! _* e' T* M# |6 O% sPin design 2 h / R4 f; e) Y% f' ^5 l/ ]" ]( K# Z+ U' B0 `. c: _ 5 d $d after carefully observing the surface mounting pins of the connector you are considering using.
1It is necessary to ask the connector engineer what measures have been taken to ensure that the solder can be maintained at the key joint between the surface mount pin and the pad.
in addition.
are the pins of the connector vertical, J-shaped, or other types? If they don't know the answer.
after they find out the reason, they will report it to you, and then consider their products further.
if they don't know the answer, they will report it to you7 f! s7 V: `( L- t( C4 M# ~8 y! n& y$ l8 x    Q.
F: }- ~The design elements of surface mount connectors are not implemented casually.
once the design has been completed, there will be no reliability problems or weak joint points.
engineers who design surface mount connectors choose specific design elements according to specific reasons.
it is very important for you as a design engineer to understand the reasons.
for example.
for example,
for example,
for example,
for example,
for example,
for example,
for example,
for example,
for example,
for example,
for example The straight surface mount pin is the most reliable when using the solder trap design.
the so-called solder trap is to make a hole in the center of the pin to prevent the solder from absorbing to the terminal and away from the pad.
another key design feature is the J-type terminal.
the corner design can limit the offset of solder flow.
if the surface mount connector you are considering does not belong to the above two types Please make sure that other precautions are taken for the signal terminals to provide reliable soldering.
signal terminals are no longer the only type of terminals using surface mount technology, More and more power terminals begin to use surface mount technology.
although the requirements of power terminals do not need to be as harsh as high-speed signal terminals.
some design elements still need to be retained to ensure the reliability of the connector.
in this paper, the surface mount technology is applied to more and more power terminalsEven if the surface mount pin has a large area, you can't ignore the details of the surface mount technology.
if you can't understand how the solder joint is maximized, It's better to ask the sales staff to give a clear outline of the connector design details.
reliable pin design is necessary in all industrial applications.
for more information, please visit the official website: $ I0 ~% c0 F) X' X: Z" S# F2 m+ O5 R/ m" t) t+ p+ g! |! D4 B+ p: c7 Y! Y" m   [+ }! f6 ].
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