Brief introduction of PCB wiring
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In PCB design, wiring is an important step to complete product design. It can be said that the previous preparatory work is done for it. In the whole PCB, the design process of wiring is the most limited, the skills are the smallest, and the workload is the largest.

Brief introduction of PCB wiring

PCB wiring includes single-sided wiring, double-sided wiring, and multi-layer wiring.
there are also two ways of wiring: automatic wiring and interactive wiring.
before automatic wiring, there are two ways of wiring, The lines with strict requirements can be pre arranged interactively, and the side lines of the input and output terminals should be avoided to be adjacent and parallel, so as to avoid reflection interference.
if necessary, ground wires should be added for isolation.
the wiring of the two adjacent layers should be perpendicular to each other, and parallel is easy to cause parasitic coupling.
in order to avoid the reflection interference, it is necessary to add ground wires for isolation; O# Q5 s% Q    o' n/ P                                                                       1 @. |7 x0 J& \" A& h* c1 c4 @9 ^The routing efficiency of automatic routing depends on good layout, and the routing rules can be set in advance, including the bending times of routing, the number of via holes, the number of steps, etc.
generally, the exploratory routing is carried out first.
the short lines are connected quickly, and then the maze routing is carried out, and the global routing path is optimized first, It can disconnect the laid wires as needed.
and try to reroute them.
to improve the overall effect.
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y / R% J6] / i9 | 5} 'W. P3 C; h3 T8 g; 50) R + J is not suitable for the current high density PCB design,It wastes a lot of valuable wiring channels. In order to solve this contradiction, blind hole and buried hole technology appear. It not only completes the function of through hole, but also saves a lot of wiring channels, which makes the wiring process more convenient, smoother and more perfect. The design process of PCB is a complex and simple process, It needs the majority of electronic engineering designers to experience themselves, in order to get the true meaning.
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welcome to learn together!1 V, h% O    K/ K4 [- l$ M4 O* r! [# F! m.
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