In 2019, are you still using defoamers?
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In 2019, are you still using defoamers, Touch screen and OLED Forum
In the past, because of the manufacturing process, there were a lot of harmful bubbles in the production of latex, textile sizing, food fermentation, biological medicine, pesticide, paint, petrochemical, paper making, industrial cleaning and other industries, and these bubbles had caused trouble to industrial production and impede the progress of production. The impact of product quality.

In 2019, are you still using defoamers?

is a big problem for manufacturers..
solves the bubble problem as a thorny problem. Therefore, most manufacturers often use defoamer.
.. S + {5 J. A & Z + B with the development of science and technology.
enterprises are now slowly using Tianxing perfect automatic defoamer instead of defoamer. Why do they use automatic defoamer instead of defoamer? There are the following points. [! F; \ 8 l) ? 2 O # N0 ^ 3 V1, reduce the production cost.
using the automatic defoamer for 22 hours a day, 28 days a month, 0.8 yuan per kilowatt hour, power is 2.5kW, that is 22 * 28 * 0.8 * 25=1232 yuan of power cost.
defoamer for two shifts a day.
using 40kg a day, that is 28 * 40=1120kg a month, single line developing cylinder (single line developing cylinder consumption accounts for about 25%) consumption is about 280kg / month, The price of defoamer is 30 yuan / kg, and the cost of defoamer is 30 yuan / kg * 280kg / month=8400 yuan.
the cost of defoamer is 30 yuan / kg * 280kg / month. I% J. ^ & {0 R "h5l comprehensive comparison.
when the full-automatic defoamer is put into use for 7-10 months, the use cost is equal to the cost of using defoamer. Since 11 months of use, the use of the full-automatic defoamer will start to save 7000 + yuan per month. Defoamer is a consumable and needs to be added regularly. As long as the enterprise continues to produce, the demand is bottomless,This does not include the cost of sewage treatment, and the automatic defoamer can be used for 5-8 years with only one operation, and it can be used for more than 8 years with good maintenance. g" j3 c- ^1 w9 _ 7 K second, eliminate the quality problems caused by adding defoamer.
improve the yield of the product.
24 u" L.
k9 y6 L5 O; k/ Z    v# i7 `1 |, {! k3, green cycle production, physical bubble breaking, low carbon production, no chemical additives, foam after machine liquefaction into potion, can be used for the original process equipment recycling, reducing the amount of wastewater discharge, reducing the cost of wastewater treatment.
$ b! g8 y0 u; z) ?$ g- B& E8 O/ w6 O6 e# m6 D0 l2 A- K! b' ].
m$ @0 ? 4. Easy operation and maintenance, operators do not participate in the chemical liquid adding operation, which ensures the safe operation and production, and realizes the linkage operation, which saves labor and energy.
+ P2 m'o - ~ (G- @) Q) i0 g5 _ 1 n1 v$ yAbove.
is the answer. It's over half of 2019. Are you still using defoamers? This has become the past. The times are developing. If you don't keep pace with the times, you will fall behind( p* @( n3 w: o1 G) y+ A$ r2 ? 2 `( T3 b.
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