New environmental protection equipment mechanical defoamer
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It is believed that a large number of manufacturers, chemical inputs in industrial production, cause a large number of industrial bubbles, which are deeply affected by.
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New environmental protection equipment mechanical defoamer

q% Q! @* V   _) X% @2 ?( C$ SWhy do we say that we have suffered a lot? What are the problems caused by these industrial waste bubbles?2 a' D! O+ K1 ^0 h& l4 n0 q" C3 U5 f+ K0 [6 _! c    T9 ? Due to the emergence of industrial bubbles, many manufacturers will limit the production of foam in order to reduce the generation of foam and limit their production capacity..
, because of the bubble relationship caused by the bubble,.
causes a lot of valuable raw materials and valuable materials to drain. It is self-evident that the losses are caused by.
. Meanwhile, the industrial bubble's retention affects the quality of products. The.
foam accumulation affects the environmental sanitation.
. In the face of this situation, many industrial manufacturers will choose defoamer to treat the foam.
. However, the defoamer is COD containing a fairly high. COD is not easy to meet the standard of.
wastewater in accordance with the COD discharge standard, and it is difficult to stabilize the control. If you are not careful, you may be punished by the local environmental protection bureau.
- ^ / h $d    u: j* y5 k) t2 |& }/ h" e; ?Aiming at the problem of industrial foam.
Shenzhen Tianxing Jian electrical and mechanical research and development of environmental protection equipment, mechanical defoaming device, mechanical defoaming device using physical defoaming method, centrifugal force to break the foam produced in the production, to achieve the purpose of separation of foam and liquid, the motor and impeller combination way to break the bubble, foam after breaking into liquid droplets, centrifugal force is thrown into the defoaming device trough. And then compressed into liquid flow back to the liquid,The loss of liquid loss is reduced.
the secondary pollution of defoamer is completely avoided.
the environmental protection expenditure is reduced.
+ l: k! M7 g; V& Z' y. ~(P)}4 L) I5 G5 D6 H mechanical defoamer occupies less space. The strong power of the.
impeller can effectively solve the problem of foam production, and it can be used in many fields of environmental protection equipment.
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