Metal mesh
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Transparent conductive film (metal mesh) is a kind of film with high conductivity, good transmittance to visible light and high reflectance to infrared light. It is suitable for OLED flexible screen, windproof glass of automobile and airplane, and can prevent water mist and electromagnetic shielding effect. Transmittance can reach 85% above, resistance value is below 0.2 ohm!!!  }( P5 Y / Z * Y9 U% d-c7 n + H # X & P3 V contact me if you need! 13178350353 Mr. Shen (same number on wechat) & K8 U4 ^ 7 [%?: l2 \6 i" N。

Metal mesh

What metal material is your business?. 111111111111111111" C8 H' G    r2 t# u( e。 Windy stone published on December 20, 2017 11:14 'C%\   ^( L/ Y' G( r! l" OWhat metal material are you talking about?; T   [ 9 ~3 i4 X; k3 \copper    It could be. D2 B: S0 j'h. It should be copper.
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