What is the defoaming effect of mechanical defoamer
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How about the defoaming effect of mechanical defoamer, touch screen and OLED forum
The circuit board development cylinder is used for chemistry. The development process of the PCB process is to use large machinery and equipment, and the chemical liquid produces a lot of bubbles when the machine is running back and forth. Not only is the circuit board industry, but also the same in other fields. The objective of the automatic mechanical defroster is to eliminate bubbles, and the existence of bubbles will cause cavitation in the system. Noise and other problems seriously endanger the reliability and stability of the system: x3 Q; p" U- E" |0 w; g" w# k# VIn the food, chemical fiber industry is more serious.
, otherwise, the bubbles will be discharged along the exhaust pipe, which may cause output reduction, pipeline blockage, easy to dye bacteria and other harmful conditions..
foam elimination is a necessary link in the production of the enterprise..

What is the defoaming effect of mechanical defoamer

Tianxing Jian electrical and mechanical advice we use automatic mechanical defoaming device, this machine uses 2 level energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, strong power. The foam forms a vortex through high speed centrifugation. The smaller foam density will be concentrated in the center of the vortex and then separated from the liquid. This method is suitable for.
with higher pressure.6 N '} 8 L.
R "L9 m compared with the traditional defoamer, the defoamer equipment changes the form of manual repeated delivery, and realizes automatic and mechanized physical defoamer.
no or little use of chemical defoamer.
eliminate the harm of chemical defoamer to fermentation and downstream separation process, improve the liquid loading coefficient of fermentation tank and the stability of biochemical reaction, Reduce escape time, reduce microbial residence time in foam, and improve the efficiency of biochemical reaction.
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dChemical substances such as surfactants can also be used for defoaming,However, chemical defoamers may have adverse effects on beer yeast, so it is necessary to control the amount of defoamers and increase the cost.
it is not conducive to the long-term plan of enterprises! The use of tiandejian electromechanical mechanical defoaming device to remove bubbles, automatic motor foam, no need to pay attention to foam level manually, automatic operation, save time and effort, the foam machine built-in circulation system, the foam is sucked into the machine, circulatory system circulation bubble, and finally liquefied into liquid into the medicine cylinder.
automatic bubble removal system do not worry about the effect of it! It doesn't need manpower to operate the machine.
it only needs mechanical equipment, components or energy to complete the work automatically.
it can reduce or simplify or replace human work.
it can reduce or simplify the work3 v( q) v# O# p( `' j' l8 b5 p.
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