What are the common defoaming methods for PCB?
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What are the common defoaming methods for PCB, Touch screen and OLED Forum
The control of foam in circuit board mostly adopts the following two ways to remove froth: (m (|9 M'N% G) 1 n6 Z1, chemical methods -- defoamer, also known as defoaming agent, refers to reducing the surface tension in production and processing, inhibiting the foam to produce or eliminate the froth additives. Most of them are liquid compound products.
, which is more common in PCB.
. However, this greatly increases the labor cost of PCB, and the cost of sewage treatment will increase, and the content of cud will exceed the standard. Then we have to introduce the mechanical defoamer of Tianxingjian machine_ 3 N- g/ q8 ?2, the mechanical defoaming device defoaming is a physical defoaming method, the use of mechanical vibration or pressure changes so that the bubble burst.

What are the common defoaming methods for PCB?

there are two ways of defoaming in the tank and outside the tank defoaming.
the former is to rely on the bubble in the tank to rotate the bubble. The latter is to remove the foam from the.
outside the tank and use the centrifugal force to eliminate the foam.
. The advantages of this method are: saving raw materials.
and reducing the chance of bacterial contamination..
this automatic mechanical defoaming device can realize zero adding defoamer defoaming.
without any environmental pollution problems, and also has the advantages of compact structure, reliable operation and simple operation and maintenance.8 @( t: k: t3 K( w7 f# |! ] Tianxingjian mechanical and electrical manufacturing this mechanical defoamer is better than chemical defoaming! Mechanical defoamer is the use of centrifugal force to break the production process of foam.
to make gas and liquid separation, high-speed turbine provides shear force to tear the bubble, the bubbles released liquid immediately centrifugal force to the wall, and compressed into liquid flow back to the polymerization kettle, reduce the loss of fluid loss.
# C3 @6 M9% M9 L5 `.
k* / y# EIf you use the mechanical defoamer of Tianxingjian machine to remove bubbles,The automatic motor eliminates foam, does not need to pay attention to the foam level at any time, automate the work, saves time and effort, does not need the manpower to operate the machine, only needs the mechanical device to install the component or the energy, can complete the work.
2 automatically.   [ 8 P8 \0 ? 3 p9 h2 ]7 [1 `% l1 n7 Z) b" `" \! |.
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