Eta8049, the main control chip of Yutai high-power charger, can be used for the main control IC and power supply IC of USB PD fast charging charger
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Eta8049, the main control chip of Yutai high power charger, can be used for USB PD fast charging charger, main control IC, power IC, touch screen and OLED forum
Shenzhen Zhanrong Electronics Co., Ltd. Yutai first class agent, boss in need, welcome to harass Liang Dong: 13923410857    QQ: 38839547 Yutai semiconductor AC / DC control chip family has launched two high-performance quasi resonant control chips eta8047 and eta8048, and now it has launched the universal AC / DC controller eta8049! It can directly replace the current universal adapter scheme with a large occupancy rate of less than 65W.

Eta8049, the main control chip of Yutai high-power charger, can be used for the main control IC and power supply IC of USB PD fast charging charger

it seems familiar and simple, but it has different functions.
eta8049 inherits the VCC design of 7-37v wide voltage of Yutai semiconductor AC / DC control chip family.
it meets the simple QC / PD design requirements.
eta8049 adopts universal pin arrangement.
the chip directly replaces most of the existing P2P Sub scheme, less standby power consumption, higher efficiency, more intelligent protection.
the scheme is more efficient than the other schemes! W: B: p5 _ Back of 1 k12v5a 60W prototype' T4 a8 _+ t% W0 i   | The front of 12v5a 60W prototype is shown in figure-1 below.
eta8049 pin arrangement adopts the same sequence as most chips in the market, and its basic functions are also the same, which can be directly replaced and easy to use.
the chip inherits the basic control method of Yutai semiconductor AC / DC control chip family.
the integrated soft start circuit is used to protect the switching devices (mainly switches, transformers, etc.) during system startup, At the same time, the integrated fast start circuit is used to ensure that the system can start smoothly under large capacitive load and get a shorter rise time of output voltage when there is no capacitive load+ U# n) x1 p" P3 _ Figure-1 Yutai eta8049 integrated peak current compensation circuit.
it can keep the maximum output power point constant when the common standard application is high or low voltage; The slope compensation function of harmonic oscillation caused by low voltage and large duty cycle is integrated. The external resistance rslope is used to adjust the compensation value of the actual situation, so as to keep the system stable.
eta8049 external thermistor is used for high precision adjustable over temperature protection.
RT pin can also be extended as input for adjustable over / under voltage, VCC adjustable over voltage protection, etc, After protection, the chip enters into a special latch mode, and it must be turned off and powered on again to start up, so as to reduce the switch impact of wrong mode and protect the devices of the system.
eta8049 integrated current soft driving technology and driving voltage clamping circuit.
it can reduce the switching noise and effectively reduce EMI radiation interference for the whole system; Integrated regular frequency jitter technology can effectively reduce EMI conducted interference for the whole system.
't "S4 F3 C6 L: B $g    GThe prototype system scheme is shown in figure-2.
60W is realized    The experimental data of the prototype are as follows: (only replace the chip based on the same power device and driving peripheral parameters). Q (L * A. ~ '? 3 E+ c/ }0 e9 xFigure-2 EMI conduction test data / e-g0 P! Z8 G* K+ J1 N! V1 j6 l* ]EMI radiation test data:%| 2 W3 T1 B / S6 ceta8049 is how to do better in the common chip of the same type.
perhaps the following small table comparison can help you to solve the puzzle: S - s) d (V3 n / |; A# HEta8049 through smaller starting leakage current,Smaller quiescent current to reduce standby loss; More driving current capability, segmented current drive with voltage clamp to achieve better efficiency and EMI performance.
more reasonable peak current compensation.
get better consistent overload current point.
the results show that the proposed method can achieve better efficiency and EMI performance7 C    Y! O "@ - U% ceta8049 has integrated comprehensive error protection mode.
it has VCC over / under voltage, RT over / under voltage, output short circuit, over current, over temperature, transformer winding / Schottky short circuit, RCS on / short circuit protection, etc., in which VCC over-voltage and RT over / under voltage enter the lock mode, At this time, it is necessary to power on and off again to work normally.
other protection chips will enter the burping mode.
the burping mode has the function of error removal and automatic restart.
these two methods can meet the needs of more applications.
for more comprehensive application design information and performance introduction of eta8049, please contact us0 c+ H( Q8 C4 D( b8 o( m.
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