The importance of learning AOI detector equipment software
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In the actual SMT production process, there will always be such and such problems. Technicians are not proficient in learning software settings and programming, which will cause incomplete software settings and parameters, and easy to get out of condition in the use process.
let's explain in detail the importance of learning AOI detector equipment software:( Z6 u0 }( r; The particularity of software1 g0 t0 a' k/ e        The software of AOI testing equipment is similar to that of SMT machine.
but there are also great differences. The same thing is that they all need the original positioning. Generally speaking, the software of AOI testing equipment is equivalent to setting specific parameters for positioning elements on the basis of SMT software. For example, the solder joint is not available in SMT machine, and the solder joint is full, Whether the model of the component is wrong, etc.

The importance of learning AOI detector equipment software

in this paper, the design of the component is introduced: v8 A    C4 ~" `7 L; `) `& a1 q3 z) U+ W0 ~2 W2、 Software is difficult2 A.
Q! @    Q    w9 A$ ]        At the beginning stage of the user's technician, he is not very proficient in setting the percentage of parameters, Therefore, there will be an extreme situation that is too loose or too strict, resulting in some difficulties in the process of using the equipment. This requires an adaptive process in the actual production.
however, some production units hope that the equipment can solve the quality problems in the production on the first day of the equipment.
the difference between the target hope and the actual production causes the equipment to be used too much The status of inconsistent word-of-mouth in the process.
'w2 A. N1 x2 V (B% E1 H! K4 m1 p& z$ C4 U2 _ 3 K& L8 X1 N8 L" n9 X3、 How to solve the problems and difficulties in the learning process       Before delivery, the sales department confirms that the customer's factory has enough time to learn programming.
the customer's factory has enough time to learn programmingBefore the technician training, confirm that the engineers and technicians or operators who need to learn have enough ability to be competent for the work of software setting.
emphasize and supervise the technicians to exercise more in the later production process.
learn more, practice more and operate more.
: H $o * y) ~ 4 C: 4_) i4 D' S. X/ b9 G        Master the technology of AOI detector equipment.
carefully study the importance of AOI detector equipment software and the problems and solutions encountered in the production process, hoping to have reference value for everyone.
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