What are the basic operations of Panasonic Mounter?
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What are the basic operations of Panasonic Mounter, Touch screen and OLED Forum
- _ 0 I) Y5 X. V% `* qWith the development of society, Panasonic Mounter has been widely used now. Do you know the basic operation and process of Panasonic Mounter|+ P- B( n. B6 U1. The machine operator should receive the operation training under the correct method.! R #| - R% O1 C7 @ 2. Turn off the power supply when checking the machine, replacing parts or repairing and internal adjustment (the maintenance of the machine must be carried out under the condition of pressing the emergency button or cutting off the power supply.) 8 \* r- |: p) o! \ 6 C- s3. Make sure that the ypu is in your hand to stop the machine at any time when "reading coordinates" and adjusting the machine v! G# u+ n8 X4. Make sure that the "interlock" safety equipment remains effective to stop the machine at any time. The safety detection on the machine can not be skipped or short circuited, otherwise, personal or machine safety accidents will easily occur S- ~0 h- h6 Q# S/ E( `5. Only one operator is allowed to operate one machine during production- C* t- G( u* d6. During operation, make sure that all parts of the body, such as hands and heads, are out of the moving range of the machine., J: v! A$ I5 o! S8 i" B5 `% u7. The machine must be properly grounded. 9 ^6 A- H& j4 }9 E/ \2 S" X4 C8. Do not use the machine in burning gas or extremely dirty environment| 2 h5 S4 Q& _: Y$ E- I3 }+ N+ \( @* Z& J+ y6 S4 U$ S。。

What are the basic operations of Panasonic Mounter?

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