Old customers are buying defoamer, are you still waiting?
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Old customers are already buying defoamers. Are you still waiting, Touch screen and OLED Forum
Recently, several old customers have bought defoamers with Tianxing Jianji. Does it mean that the service life of defoamers can be 7-10 years? Why don't you buy it again soon? It is because the defoamer effect is remarkable, convenient and durable, manufacturers save the cost of defoamer, production efficiency has been improved, the boss made money, so they came to buy defoamer again. These old customers did not buy defoaming foam machines before they were used to eliminate foam production, but the use of defoamers basically cost 6-8 yuan per month, and the residual ingredients of defoamers will also affect the quality of products and reduce the quality of products. In general, the use of defoamers is not a good method. Through the Internet, they learned that Tianxing Jian had machinery for selling foam without removing foam, so contacted with Tianxing Jian electrical machinery. After understanding the operation principle and quotation of the defoaming machine, they decided to book a trial first. After three months' probation period, they found that the defoaming effect of the defoaming machine is better than that of the defoamer, and it will not hurt the product. To eliminate foam and improve production efficiency, three months later, we decided to order defoamer for remaining production line. For many enterprises, they don't know much about defoamer, most of them use defoamer, but after knowing or using defoamer, you will find that the benefits of defoamer far exceed defoamer. If you are interested in defoaming machine or have any questions, please contact the manufacturer of defoaming machine of Tianxingjian electromechanical Co., Ltd., your intimate purchasing consultant. Note: without permission, the article can not be reproduced, otherwise it will be treated as infringement, thank you for your understanding!+ X/ z# X0 {! P, v; K" F" k0 P3 a。。。

Old customers are buying defoamer, are you still waiting?

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