What is the function of wave soldering?
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This post was edited by Shenzhen Zhichi at 15:46 on September 6, 2019$ \( a1 u- s' U: L( v" ~- ~) C* |# x% F, y   % O. j- Q( A, _       Wave soldering refers to that the molten solder (lead tin alloy) is sprayed by electric pump or electromagnetic pump to form the solder wave required by the design. It can also be formed by injecting nitrogen into the solder pool, so that the printed circuit board with components in advance can pass the solder wave to realize the mechanical and electrical connection between the component solder end or lead pin and the printed circuit board pad.+ x0 p# L& f% D' l2 F% a2 x. T8 [9 N* v        With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, wave soldering has a new welding process. In the past, tin lead alloy was used, but lead is a heavy metal, which is harmful to human body. Therefore, lead-free process is promoted. Wuxi silver copper alloy * and special flux are used, and higher preheating temperature is required for welding temperature5 Q    J" [$ t$ p& A, Z, g! [! Z9 W0 X4 M$ u$ k。。

What is the function of wave soldering?

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