What is the function of reflow welder?
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What is the function of reflow welder, Touch screen and OLED Forum
2 h& b1 ? 4 L, h      Reflow soldering technology is no stranger in the field of electronic manufacturing. The components on various boards used in our computer are welded to the circuit board through this process. There is a heating circuit inside the equipment, which heats the air or nitrogen to a high enough temperature and then blows it to the circuit board where the components have been pasted, so that the solders on both sides of the components melt and bond with the motherboard. The advantage of this process is that the temperature is easy to control, the oxidation can be avoided in the welding process, and the manufacturing cost is easier to control C# o# Y! W- T8 k+ f. v* c: J% {& a      Due to the need of miniaturization of electronic PCB board, sheet elements appear. The traditional welding method can not meet the needs. At first, reflow soldering process was only used in the assembly of hybrid integrated circuit boards. Most of the components are chip capacitors, chip inductors, Mount Transistors and diodes. With the development of SMT technology, a variety of SMC and SMD appear. As a part of SMT technology, reflow soldering technology and equipment also get corresponding development. Its application is becoming more and more extensive, and has been applied in almost all fields of electronic products.1 B& h/ m& {+ ?+ q7 `- F) ]+ s( Y# F# f。。

What is the function of reflow welder?

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