Welding process of reflow welder
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( e0 n: U: N    d         In the SMT production process, the PCB board goes from the solder paste printing machine to the placement machine, and then to the reflow soldering. When the PCB enters the heating zone, the solvent and gas in the solder paste evaporate. At the same time, the flux in the solder paste wettes the pad, the component end and the pin, and the solder paste softens, collapses, and covers the pad, isolating the pad and the component pin from the oxygen. When the PCB enters the heat preservation zone, the PCB and components are fully preheated to prevent the PCB from suddenly entering the welding high temperature zone and damaging the PCB and components. When the PCB enters the welding area, the temperature rises rapidly to make the solder paste reach the melting state, and the liquid solder will wet, diffuse, diffuse or reflow the pads, components and pins of the PCB to form solder joints. The PCB enters the cooling zone to solidify the solder joint. At this time, the welding is completed. 6 |6 L8 @; s9 {) {; U5 _ 2 n' {9 h4 @" J; R" Q9 s    y! P6 g7 k5 z7 r3 E. T/ A0 b4 k6 p。。。

Welding process of reflow welder

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