Fisher positioner dvc6200 Fisher positioner dvc6200-hc Fisher positioner dvc6200-205hc
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Fisher positioner dvc6200 Fisher positioner dvc6200-hc Fisher positioner dvc6200-205hc, touch screen and OLED Forum
Fisher positioner dvc6200 Fisher positioner dvc6200-hc Fisher positioner dvc6200-205hc5 O7 Q / y $V: V8 I # F4 Z & P "[Fisher FIELDVUE dvc6200 instrument can make your operation closer to the set point and improve the product quality through more accurate control.
use FIELDVUE performance diagnostics.

Fisher positioner dvc6200 Fisher positioner dvc6200-hc Fisher positioner dvc6200-205hc

online monitoring of valve operation can be carried out to evaluate performance and reliability.
in order to improve the quality of the product, it is necessary to use FIELDVUE performance diagnostics- S" g+ _/ I # R6 w product specification $Y: (1 I + L / L)@Area classification, explosion-proof.
intrinsically safe, FISCO, n-type, fireproof, FM, non flammable% G-O; m, k, S% D* T- h( {/ t/ BCertification CSA, FM, ATEX, IECEx, cutr, Lloyd's register, peso, kgs, Inmetro, nepsi, tiis, natural gas certification, single seal equipment - J    C1 g" d7 t$ y- x    c6 E" KCommunication protocol Hart & # 174; 4-20mA! m- H; L) _+ L # g5y data interface wired 7 P7 F6 V1 U + OThe diagnosis is - l5t4q $Z - C. s! U# }Input signal electric3 W1 s / I * |: I-I maximum outlet pressure 145 PSI  ] 8 Z / L3 [& Q9 K1 C3 o "^ installation type overall installation1 y: F ({5 [7 g: K $m working temperature, standard temperature,High temperature, M "E, R &] ') W, qPosition control, throttle control, on / off & F: n, R & K   ]* l6 |% A% ]1 J- L; PEnergy source local 6 J # l! T: Q3 RProcess control flow, pressure, temperature, level! M + F8 I4 Z & F. Z / I1 C8 e supplies media air, natural gas and nitrogen: z3 X6 S9 {2 N. Q# B& i! I/ a% Z6 c3 |/ @9 U) Bfeatures1 h6 a% c' `    C & m high performance, no link feedback system eliminates physical contact and parts wear. m9 J7 p5 x; } 1 ^: D+ U   _. W fully packaged electronic components can resist vibration.
temperature and corrosive environment.
2F + B1~    Y: U    eIt provides fast response to large step changes.
and precise control of small set point changes.
9 {"a-s3 K1 I.}    fThe dvc6200 is a HART communication device.
so it can access information anywhere in the loop.
this flexibility can reduce exposure to hazardous environments.
and it is easier to evaluate valves in difficult to reach positions.
4 F "x 'U7 B9 Q    r+ qThe modular design allows the replacement of key working parts without removing the field wiring or pneumatic pipe.
2 A3 a 'M7 ﹣ 4 h / ﹣ 5 K + G2 yWhen installed in the integrated control system.
theSignificant hardware and installation cost savings can be achieved.
. O (m (H)    x+ H: `The self diagnosis function can provide valve performance and health assessment.
. F - E8?) H9 s$ x- b+ tDigital communication can easily access the condition of the valve.
the system is simple and reliable) l6 p7 ^% L.
T- @3 U8 m% L/ d3 l( w8 i   [/ ^" ] 6 wFisher positioner -- dvc6200 intelligent valve positioner; f6 F! R7 X5 K3 u4 b, TDvc6200 intelligent valve positioner is an upgrade product of dvc6000 series; Replace the original dvc6010 positioner; Dvc6020 valve positioner; Dvc6030 intelligent valve positioner; Dvc6000 series positioner completely stopped production; Dvc6200 was popularized in an all-round way;" q6 i8 X2 n9 f. [Fisher    Dvc6200 electric valve positioner features:+Q. v. I2 B4 C2 C / zfisherdvc6200 series digital valve controller.
instruments with connectionless and contactless feedback technology are added; 0 |: k9 V# H; Y2 }5 G- j; yIt is specially designed for applications with strong vibration, severe corrosion or material entrainment.
this connectionless, contactless feedback technology improves reliability by eliminating wear at the joints.
! l: m4 h- |% cFisher dvc6200 positioner; No connecting mechanism, no contact feedback technology, no wearable sliding partsIt uses magnet and Hall effect sensor to detect the valve position.
because there is no mechanism connection.
therefore, the problems of wear, loosening, corrosion and vibration are eliminated. It can adapt to various harsh working conditions and achieve long-lasting cycle action.
9 C # T? 4 {& b( E; Y6 PApplication of Fisher dvc6200 valve positioner: # |: O; z* E% N6 P2-way and 3-way valves integrated in Fisher / GX 9 K 'W_ 7 e! ]    i; v) b" h: P2 B8 U5 Z0 P / Z9 q) w * Z. C installed on the actuator of Fisher angle travel control valve    IIt is installed on the actuator of Fisher straight stroke control valve0 p0 H   \) S" E. F: p; Z5f + H is installed on the rotary and sliding rod actuators of other manufacturers; Comply with IEC 60534-6-1.
IEC 60534-6-2, VDI / VDE 3845 and Namur installation standards; 9 z* N    i. R1 E9 ]% U2 y/ C9 z* p% z# f! V. d0 GFunction: # I / E7/ q0 N# E! mThe high performance feedback system without connecting rod needs no direct contact, thus eliminating the wear of parts.
# n "V / C4 v7k.
kFull package electronic components can resist vibration, high temperature and corrosive environment4 f# `! E: M2 d! ^! S $R / V1 can quickly respond to obvious step changes.
the results show that s $R / V1 can quickly respond to obvious step changesAnd it can accurately control the slight change of set point.
the results show that the system has the advantages of high precision and high precision   S3 R9] 5 G8 [. I # O3 @ "C7 J" advc6200 is a HART communication device.
it can access the information of any device in the loop.
this flexibility can reduce the risk of exposure to hazardous environment.
it is also convenient to understand the condition of valves installed in inaccessible positions.
the system is easy to operate8 G.
o7 D* x! u2 ?! Q6 R '~ modular design can replace important working components without dismantling field wiring or pneumatic pipes.
the design of Q6 R' ~ modular design can replace important working components without dismantling field wiring or pneumatic pipes# `4 F! V* [" c+ C! I if it is installed in the integrated control system.
it can save a lot of hardware cost and installation cost.
I5 V& K1 u" h# c; z! The V9 P self diagnostic capability provides valve performance and operating condition evaluation.
- {% '* W' F3 H & A% M2]The digital communication enables easy access to the operation status of the valve.
this paper introduces the design and implementation of the digital communication system.
R% ~5 C! O- M/ g   |& _ 2 e; ] 8 u" A( J& GSignal of Fisher dvc6200 intelligent valve positioner: 7 m "I: W% Z 'e # I + a% S3 / 9 Z *?! KAnalog input signal: 4-20 mA DC, standard; Split range control can also provide 8 h for analog control| 2 g" j% M) y) J$ E7 Q1 vFor HART communication, the voltage is 11vdc. - x $C4 O2 H - RReverse polarity protection: reverse loop current will not cause instrument damage' V/ K6 R. l9 V* @: d    E) Output signal of Fisher dvc6200 electric valve positioner: 8 A\/ M$ ^- }1. Pneumatic signal required by actuator,It can reach 95% of the gas source pressure; Minimum range: 0.4 bar& V6 v- Z2 _ 3 F- N2 {$ a; H(6     5 bar (140 pisg);The mode of action is double action; Single acting positive acting mode; And single acting reaction8 I1 I! K4 I + D) ^, T7 {3. With position feedback (4-20maw signal output);. i3 s/ q, C. R    g( a6 g0 P4 F5 y0 X# V- i6 UService temperature of Fisher dvc6200 valve positioner: 0: I    f) O6 j% ~-40 ℃ to 85 ℃; 2. - 52 ℃ to 85 ℃ (option);: Z7 z$ X2 M* r9 u; Diagnostic level of W "P # mfisher dvc6200 electric valve positioner/ J3 c& ^0 S! f# }1.    AC    Auto calibrate: e # P7 S7 {2 {(Z "} 'Q0 Vtwo    HC    HART Communication- Z: [% d$ Z' d/ D' c: |& @3.    AD    Advanced diagnostics (off line performance diagnostics) $C + s * l! v- |3 P/ r# v! o" @' zfour    PD    Performance diagnostics (on line performance diagnosis) & T) V8 Z & K (z% I1 s - | "B $YStem stroke of Fisher dvc6200 electric valve positioner2 C+ b,Y! N% \! Z. |1. Straight stroke: minimum 11mm; Maximum 606mm5 {+ B    C: e8 y" Y; rtwo    Rotation angle: minimum 45 degrees; Maximum 90 degrees? 6 I    l+ ~( d# Q0 `% eFisher dvc6200 electrical valve positioner protection grade: IP661 U& d4 D7 s4 ^* u& b    w3 y3 {. n5 h2 X8 |Ordering options:    y- v' s& v- @( B. k1. Model of actuator;& x% O- G% S* s. r* n8 z) ?( C5 v2+ [+ r2 q: m   | 8 L5 i-g2.1 single acting positive or single acting reaction;8 A) O% I6 I # k * L4 X7 G is integrated in GX and GX 3 & # 8722; On the way actuator/ ~- @2 I# Q. r( p; I4x / C # o * q-k6d is also installed on other angular stroke and straight stroke pneumatic actuators   ^; ? 2 e; i( l5 R. o% e( RWith position feedback (4-20mA output)% S7 F7 o'z *_ 1 H. e+ `2.2 double action_- D5 l) y7 [/ x3 b. A$ K1 Y3. The maximum stroke and angle of the actuator;) u3 B, _ 4 A0 I( y! S. e; L4. Air source pressure;0 c/ n0 ? 6 |) d-q5. Diagnostic level of positioner: 6 [. P $D3 a "s" V & X & Jfive point one    AC auto calibrate 3 U7 S7 y. F5 y '~five point two    HC HART communication,}    L8 }( _* j( ]$ O5 Jfive point three    Ad advanced diagnostics (off line performance diagnostics). h: n+ i0 @4 v6 L9 X8 f5.4    PD performance diagnostics (on line performance diagnostics);, r. I) T" [1 C7 b- B. P! ?; S    l" k4 t1 l. v8 R0 h4 {" s( Q4 f# R/ NFisher positioner dvc6200. S; I9 B( u, b: x' a   `; ?   eFisher positioner dvc20002 Q+ F& E3 c% _, M Fisher positioner dvc6010+ T7 k    X $Q / D * y Fisher positioner dvc60007 j + L) V "V1 a * M7 [+ C8 C Fisher positioner dvc6200-205hc2 J - {& S / ~) t / A8 s # B 'z7 | Fisher positioner dvc6200-hc5 t: T- h1 v8 I' H- W" e: x; s1 Q9 I4 G" @! e2 l( V4 U5 h+ q.
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