The important role of reflow furnace temperature curve
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Reflow furnace temperature curve plays an important role in touch screen and OLED forum
The temperature curve of reflow soldering refers to the temperature curve of a certain point on SMA changing with time when SMA passes through the furnace.
the temperature curve provides an intuitive method to analyze the temperature change of a component in the whole reflow soldering process.
this is for obtaining the best solderability.

The important role of reflow furnace temperature curve

to avoid damage to components due to over temperature, It is very useful to ensure the quality of welding.
Zhichi technology reflow soldering here share the function of reflow soldering temperature curve in SMT process.
5 M4 @: | 1 M7 V + G4 W* G$ i1 [" c9 W5 s: r1 f$ }5 m   ~ 2 ^1 m2 T( ?.
?' | 5 D- @* L       Reflow soldering is the main method to form solder joints on SMT industrial assembly substrate, and reflow soldering is the core process in SMT process.
because of the design of surface mount PCB.
the defects caused by solder paste printing and component mounting will eventually be concentrated in soldering, and the purpose of all process control in surface mount production is to obtain good soldering quality, If there is no reasonable and feasible reflow soldering process, any previous process control will be meaningless' M/ r# x4 z+ p- s    W1 A7 m1 J/ ~( U: y5 J      The main form of reflow soldering process is reflow soldering temperature curve.
it refers to the curve of temperature changing with time at the test point on the surface assembly device of PCB.
therefore, reflow temperature curve is an important factor to determine the welding defects.
the main defect forms affected by improper reflow soldering curve are: Part bursting / cracking, warping, tin particles, bridging, false soldering, and half field PCB delamination and blisteringTherefore, high yield and high reliability can be obtained by properly designing reflux temperature curve.
reasonable control of reflux temperature curve plays an important role in the production process0 K' W" J! ~ 4 k" C4 H.
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