Operation method of lead-free reflow soldering when shutdown
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Lead free reflow soldering shutdown operation method, touch screen and OLED forum
5 B) T9 Y/ i9 D" VFor lead-free reflow soldering, shut down the machine1 i! C; ]- Q$ F! Under normal condition:*~ # W1 [+ y $Z - B5] check if all the PCBs in the reflow welder are welded w( {1 |, J9 I0 TTurn off the heating, wait for 20-30 minutes, then turn off the switch of air conveying, conveying, heating and cooling, and turn off the computer$ H7 u' n) l4 p/ c$ f    OOr use the automatic delay shutdown mode, directly click the automatic shutdown button. 6 {3 @' {. G2 m% O+ f$ ETurn off the main power supply of the equipment (bottom left on the back of the machine) k6 W1 Y5 O+ a8 @# g0 V- `. p# I5 t) }    K! J2 ^ 9 m2, emergency state:*P "Y8 s' R2 x0 u press the red mushroom stop switch on the left side of the machine$ f3 k% k& f+ ~3 _   ~- E% oTurn off the main power of the equipment (lower left side of the back of the machine).8 F4 f9 w9 U/ O" ?; z7 r! H8 N% B4 W2 E; ? 8 F2 c* U/ a+ S6 x。。

Operation method of lead-free reflow soldering when shutdown

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