HACH hash SC200 digital controller
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HACH hash SC200 digital controller, touch screen and OLED Forum
HACH hash SC200 digital controller' O' x    O" p' g! ~    W- o( t8 J( m6 d3 d6 G& A7 m    Y, {( yRelated introduction1 m/ ^- l6 x1 b& M7 q$ U& x: a5 }: S9 P/ y#J $s: e & ` 1 u $N7 U0 usc200 digital controller is a universal controller in the market, one controller can be used for many kinds of sensors.
SC200 universal digital controller can be connected with both digital sensors and analog sensors.
it can be used together with the pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and flow sensors of Gli company; These sensors can be used alone or in combination.

HACH hash SC200 digital controller

the digital controller supports SD card reader.
it is convenient for data storage and transmission.
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m) g' w; P, M# ]    x( d4 y3 _- J' M8 B' F0 IAs a more advanced universal digital controller, SC200 digital controller helps to simplify the operation of operators.
it will replace the SC100 digital controller and gli53 analog controller of hash company.
SC200 digital controller platform can be set as two channels of digital sensor input.
it can also be set as one or two channels of analog sensor input, Or a combination of digital and analog sensors.
customers can choose MODBUS RS232 / RS485 RTU or PROFIBUS dpv1 and other communication modes.
customers can choose MODBUS RS232 / RS485 RTU or PROFIBUS dpv13 M9 C% J8 h0 y$ M2 n) Z: C! {( D. q; n; e; y3 M$ ^* Q' g0 ^( j1 c& p* {8 _ 0 c* f- f3 \/ ?-Product application + @ ('(\ 0 B "I + S! M* B5 s; H7 t5 A; L4b6y6t "n * S7} 0 osc200 universal digital controller can be used to monitor municipal sewage, tap water, pollution sources, surface water, industrial process water and waste water6 u0 J+ s0 L9 n6 D7 U.
S. I/ t5 V& L; J4 R2 T2 j0 ^- s1 u$ |    H-product characteristics 1 I, O5 U3 - M "W) M    n" }8 R, G1 X6 S; |) P& v2 N4 \5 @% S, [9 \ $P5* v, g2 w" T8 e4 D8 f, ^) J8 |5 ~# l( H( M( k. F& U) t: \9 RAll digital sensors of HACH company can realize "plug and play" operation    H! a    H1 M! Q4 Y+ X0 {; ?) f4 q0 s/ J8 }2 a8 o9 A' C+ I% g0 Z    e: H. V ● multi channel controller.
can connect one or two sensors, reduce the cost, and also provide an economic solution for adding the next sensor in the future.
9 Z6 ^ 'g' U. t8 Z4 [- r# x; ^$ T! x- X1 }4 W! e1 n.
}! R3 x ● standard controller, no need to use all kinds of special controllers.
$s (]% | 8 R ('*} 2 j + A6 L & A^! V2 d3 i.
r, i8 F: Q: F% N7 B5 I. Z: Z ● real dual sensor controller, 4-20mA output, transmitting basic measurement value and auxiliary measurement value' `! Z2 H! s( G    f5 f   G9 r2 Z2 h) |; _" O* ?' W4 r. h" m8 W. [7 F! ^* iThe method is simple and reliable; q7 l3 i3 Z2 a6 V" u/ g6 `* C* R. W& j' j   A (d'h: M8 S-Y ● the password protected SD card reader can provide a simple solution for data download and transmission.
/ K8 X6 m3 Y / T" e7 X# B( `$ t2 n.
R0 o3 D% J% I9 H    S$ a   ?. r! _ 3 K% p$ mLarge size screen, friendly operation interface and calibration step instructions help reduce operation errors.
7 Y9 e - R2 C - Q0 e: F + I2 N1 {1 ^ 3 Q}7 h   ~# C5 b5 L+ a5 a # I%] $Q (t 'R * g' Q. V) ● built in visual alarm system.
more reliable operation! D8 `/ x' u, P$ t- R9 U. [: F/ U1 s0 c8 ~8 n    g( ?2 a& O; Q5 @) H& t- ^2 ZCommunication options/ a; c8 c: z" }2 J* U# T, @. o+ ], z; H) M( Y! Q7 p5 |6 Z* jModbus RS232 / RS485 or PROFIBUS dpv1+ |( u1 p2 Y" H,O7 q6 Q0 T. h0 y: F   \ 4 a4 R$ O    F! F9 Y' ? 3 e1 }( g" l* ~9 CHART Protocol3 H8 f9 ^2 r; @ 4 O- G: _ 7 c7 |! n; q6 S% N5 D8 K3 O5 q$ xTechnical index$ F/ q/ Q7 S, b( _ display:         Graphic data lattice LCD, with LED backlight lighting, translucent reflective4 l( t" o* j# N    Q. K display size:         48 x 68 mm (1.89 x 2.67 in.): ^, Q. }3 L9 j3 {- v+ {- VDisplay resolution:         240 x 160 pixels, X # R5? 1 k9 o0 eController size:         144 x 144 x 181 mm3 J$ s$ _ 3 e-q8 g% u-j weight:         1.70 kg (3.75 lb)   L - A7 | (^ 4 |) p1 C8 M6 G: C power requirements:         100 – 240 Vac ± 10%, 50/60 Hz4 ?   [ 9 e0 l- C/ ]24 Vdc -15% + 20%# b% Y6 u; b0 E, U0 M, ]Operating temperature:         - 20 ~ 60 ° C (-4 ~ 140 ° F),0 ~ 95% RH, non condensing 2 X6 X 'E2 s' \% D5 uStorage temperature:         - 20 ~ 70 ° C (-4 ~ 158 ° F) , 0 ~ 95% RH, non condensing 7 y "@ 6 L (U! q# a   } 8 t3 A; `Analog output signal:         Two 0 / 4 ~ 20 mA independent current output, the maximum load is 500 Ω. 3 W, J, | 5 Q: Q8 \ (s security level:         Two password protection * q - ` 8 w * r 'e * F - H / VShell material:         Polycarbonate, aluminum (powder plated)   d$ p    N8 U & O "H # Z installation mode:         Wall mounted, pole mounted and panel mounted%M0 G 'Q4 [$d * G + X & n * s $n $k, enclosure protection level:         NEMA4X / IP66; t2 u1 _" B8 S1 ^Electrical interface:         1/2") ?! G5 q9 A2 s& U! F7 drelay:         Four SPDT (type C) contacts, 1200W, 5 A, 250 VAC3 R7 x    d; t! R2 V digital communication:         MODBUS RS232/RS485, Profibus DPV1; HART Protocol (optional), N + W # Q7 Z1 O9 J. m (s * {$l "C + D memory backup:         Flash Memory#G - A * D $l0 i9 H / B9 l% F9 C7 T electronic authentication:         EMC: CE certification,Electromagnetic and radiation emissions conform to en 50081-2, anti-interference conforms to en 61000-6-2.
9 J3 P% w! x+ OUniversal type:         UL.
ETL* K/ ~: D3 X9 Y5 L3 g3 ^# n+ ]8 r"G9 A9 '(T8 T - a" U + U6 C / L: d% w / S9 @, O * x / L - ^.
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