British barrier MTL 7760ac
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British barrier MTL 7760ac, touch screen and OLED Forum
British barrier mtl5031: e% C% Q0 H - B $f) Z8 s * g "{6 L"2 {: g# e, n$ v    o: I( V3 Y8 W! X * B mobile / wechat 18372021864. T 'B7 I "V9 y $L8 X.'. P7 Y" \ 1 B9 Q7 n + V & E & W # G3 N2 v'cmtl is a well-known British company. It was founded 25 years ago, and its intrinsic safety barriers and isolation barriers have become the industrial standard for many years.

British barrier MTL 7760ac

the company has been in the leading position in the field of industrial process control, especially in the field of intrinsic safety.
MTL products are widely used in quality and safety Reliability and safety have become industry standards.
and have been certified by many authoritative organizations in the world{MTL company mainly produces Zener barrier, isolation barrier, multiplexer, display and process I / O, and has close cooperation with DCS company and system integrator to provide explosion-proof products for oil, petrochemical and other plants.
MTL company also produces lightning and surge protective devices.
5p; M* g! X" a/ J1 wIn China,
MTL products have been widely used in chemical and petrochemical industry, water treatment, metallurgy, pharmaceutical industry, electric power, cement, pulp and paper industry, public utility automation and other fields.
MTL products have been widely used in China& l2 o1 K4 q0 N+ k. f4 q" X4 R; ?The mtl7700 series barrier creates a "new industrial specification"
on the basis of the original mtl700 series.
the mtl7700 series barrier creates a "new industrial specification"With its unique design, it can be widely used.
without any proof, it can replace the mtl700 series products.
the mtl700 series products can be replaced! c$ M% p( \% O! |! u    1. Pluggable terminals" B1 a" U3 B.
E" O    2. Module bus power supply.
3 Z4 e # l% F "R / ^" C   3. Relay and solid state switch module    b. q9 J2 C! f. q   4. Dual channel scheme - 6.3mm per channel.
$J & K.
| 8 X-i) I * E7 E3 M   5. Proximity switch input.
# Z8 C.
C8 F: x0 P. x   6. Electronic fuse mode.
3 W $T2 A1 a) X.
P2 R "V8 R $h;]   7. It can directly replace mtl700 series.
3 h! M0 K# T% l" o   8. Fully compatible with numbering and security description methods.
'O + ` 0 O8 ~ 3 N3 o $G8 @ 9 e5 @1 b1 v. n% ? 2 e    c6 i& ]   MTL intrinsic safety Zener barrier.
a simple and highly flexible intrinsic safety barrier, with compact structure, high quality and low price.
the design of MTL intrinsic safety Zener barrier is introduced. V.
c, o/ b0 Q8 L! g2 d: x+ H, f# B! z) M2 w' C    F$ s5 @4 V7 Z/ }: {; X/ c/ g1 c' M,B * D "B British barrier mtl5531 &? 4 S7 r/ i0 G+ A& b7 {: l    T0 fBritish barrier MTL 5541; E + S% B: ` 4 a British barrier mtl5544; s) c& e# c4 [+ _ 9 y British barrier MTL 7760ac&K / {# K "m, H + F0 K British barrier mtl4541 + Z1 l! l# v& RBritish barrier mtl5544d! o- R$ b: Q( e+ _ 0 s: N% VBritish barrier MTL 5031:{    N' R0 d2 vBritish barrier mtl5042* z5 D" _ 8 Y / |'f British barrier MTL 5531#A # W - X. t 'L1 Y / Z - P6 D. W6 U6 B configuration cable of British barrier MTL (0 h) o' o * u 'e - PBritish barrier mtl5521+ `9 N2 t    S0 K3 m, Q / C2 n) Z British barrier mtl7728 + + F, U) U4 F, ^_ 6 _ 9 bBritish barrier mtl5544' x% P% |- r! V (W% o) British barrier mtl5576-rtd / P8 T3 | 7 ~ 7 O6 B1 uBritish safety barrier mtl5546y & ^ + Q8 p $B, RBritish barrier mtl5544d7 P; m. [: [! J "J British barrier MTL slp32d$ }; T) _ 8 [! }$ K6 d,N) G-X British barrier mtl5546y. `2 V    m9 l5 e7 ?/ T (y) British barrier mtl5582b: Z + Z4 g $e 'V9 IBritish barrier mtl5082 * V) t + m × Q + Y4 R6 h $L9 uBritish barrier mtl5042% [5 @9 l4 o" @3 e( R; I # W3 H1 V British barrier mtl55750 d( Y# d( U$ _ 0 _: Y0 d * Z British barrier mtl4546y$m) u9 i7 B% Z8 F% S5 @ + A7 R) d British barrier mtl5510 + ^ - B4 Y / J: D5 y * L7 o^British barrier mtl5516c/ m* i* G$ i; } 5 p # e British barrier mtl5575    ./ D0 t. Y    F9 J: C+ h   ^ 3 [* e: R British barrier mtl5546y   . 7 d( C& r/ \$ d    K4 K4 F, C British barrier mtl5544d   .: Q7 m8 I( y6 ? 2 D5 D1 Z British barrier mtl5514d0 {: [, R2 Q: l1 I7 p    Common model 0 ^ (D: k) y + m! V9 v" |, I   MTL7706+6 E,P$ n( t% P6 M   MTL7710++ x6 ? 8 J- L; N   MTL7715+; N    I! C% {1 i& ^    MTL7715P+( T4 I& C% F: Y# p# {9 x7 S& o    MTL7728-( A% M8 H8 L. F    MTL7728+. c+ `( p1 I1 S4 b) I& @   MTL7728AC' \8 k   ] 9 y( t% W* \8 G4 ~   MTL7728P+   z# r6 P6 {7 G- b" Z2 @    MTL7741/ o8 ~* B5 z    K4 i3 D# C# j2 ?    MTL7743# K! g2 {3 T% r4 K   MTL7755AC9 p" u) }3 `! M    MTL7756AC/ R$ v# g+ x8 l" X% a0 A8 z% U    MTL7758+$ v3 Q2 o1 o& q; Q   MTL7760AC- o& n- c+ M; S3 G   MTL7761AC9 P0 j& D+ @# O    MTL7761PAC/ T- z4 E$ d9 t* q    MTL7764+6 A+ a' `% ~( o- t& x! L( _    MTL7764AC,{+ G3 h9 z7 r4 }( H7 s( _   MTL7765AC# G5 ?; t7 e7 f9 E    MTL7766AC$ K6 x- _' K' }" T( Q9 G4 G   MTL7766PAC& r; T& t# N# @. j    MTL7767+% m: i   ]- u+ [; h/ K# D& I   MTL7778AC5 H: a- X* U   ^ 8 J4 M    MTL7779+( Z+ N1 {9 _# \# U) R: R. V   MTL7787+& o0 E    U9 }% k+ b   MTL7787P++ x1 J    c8 E* Q6 t, y$ ~    MTL7788R+4 q6 T' d* t' o" B( k    MTL7789+: e6 D# j9 L, s   MTL7796-9 O* q1 L" W    v/ q! O   MTL7796+( z: B" c& c0 Y' g* k( f# ^   MTL77996 P3 Z; o4 f/ L2 _3 g$ D3 f3 h' k. B9 U6 ]    E- i- A2 ~, y# x7 ~- R( c5 n1 [% G( _   Mtl7706 + is suitable for intelligent 2-wire 4 / 20mA transmitter* A$ Y2 X) j. J+ D2 h- L$ t    Mtl7707 + for switch input and output) ^ 4 G9 C & W & I6 V2?   Mtl7707p + for switching input and switching output,2-wire sensor (IIB gas)) d% o- G: y6 x0 o1 m: p6 ?    Mtl7741 proximity switch or switch input and relay output) g2 N" d. H2 D/ ?/ H6 o& v    Mtl77742 proximity switch or switch input / with solid state output0 P3 f2 E2 T1 ? 1 t    Mtl7743 2-channel proximity switch or switch input and relay output 4_( Y; c- e. s5 ]   Mtl7744 channel proximity switch or switch input / solid state output "U) J4 | 1 W & R4 P. T: u   Mtl7745 proximity switch or switch input 8 relay output, with line fault detection function; c& K; \    d) f    Z7 h4 f, N    Mtl7798 power supply and protection module0 }" i" s. }& g   ]. 4 Q5 j" M; j( {1 t7 R    Common mtl7700 summary table0 V0 g, N9 c! D9 y    Analog input (low level) resistance temperature detector, thermocouple, AC sensor, mtl7756ac, mtl7760ac (D & Z6] 3S    u. m8 J   Analog input (high level) transmitter, 2-wire, 4 / 20mA, mtl7706 + mtl7787+0 M0 G7 _; X1 v- G! D9 j( y    Analog output controller output, single line grounded or both lines ungrounded mtl7728 + mtl7787 + 3 Z & a 'g # Q' u-f-e8 D   Digital input switch mtl7787 + mtl771 / 3 (V3 R + o'p0 t    T   Digital (switch) output solenoid valve,Alarm, led mtl7728! T; i& R) r1 d2 y4 \# u   _+ y) `! C" @% u8 G0 R# r. o" B# M, B4 l( C- u4 j( U2 h6 ^; R, x, d4 B    Double strain bridge mtl7766pac / mtl7761pac/ D. g# Q( r; m( g# t" W( X    The mtl7799 virtual Zener grid is mainly used for the protection and grounding of unused cables and * * connectors.
the mtl7799 virtual Zener grid is mainly used for the protection and grounding of unused cables and * * connectors6 O" i: A- A.
J" R4 @    The mtl7798 feed module is usually used in combination with the standard Zener gate such as mtl7787 + and mtl7787p +, because the current / voltage trip protection device of mtl7798 can protect the fuse in the zener gate.
$M $Q +?! I: ^+ w   When the 24 V DC power supply is directly connected to the bus.
mtl7799 virtual Zener gate can be used to replace mtl7798.
the feeding lines at each end of the bus power supply form a ring.
individual Zener gates can be removed without power failure of other devices in the circuit.
the simulation results show that the simulation results show that the simulation results are satisfactory   z' O" v# F% Y+ [5 K    Other barriers that can use the power bus include:4 y! W8 m    W* n* c# p& z0 o5 X    MTL77069 O8 E4 g) \+ N. ^4 R5 r   MTL7707+: U4 X4 L* [% w    P/ `3 }   MTL7707P+7 Z.
~; t$ X# u   MTL7741! n& {* X7 J/ K; D; F    MTL77429 X2 Q( ~+ a& d, f; a. [9 E    MTL77435 ~) q8 [2 c" R2 o4 I9 A   MTL7744- c    n: ? 7 c# U4 n   MTL7745# T( f* q) a2 C   MTL7787+8 _ 7 Y9 {5 B3 J( y' x: ~/ ]# D    MTL7787P+" |+ J' R# O% A   MTL7788+6 a# v, v   {   V1 _ 7 p8 g: @8 @( J- H    MTL7788R+5 G" [2 y7 i# \- a1 W# U% b    MTL7789+/ I2 E& n0 S8 f. t! y4 @" W/ N" [4 O) _# @ 3 {) M/ a2 d( k: }# z; ]+ t    Mtl700 series / V9 W3 V    a3 _% ~" E* i   MTL706+$ h* c* s- s9 ~- X7 o    MTL707+8 e% P8 E% N% T    v0 W9 B9 l   MTL707P+% ~) {: d! I- P0 {7 r8 [; B9 s% A+ n1 O   MTL708+2 S* c/ K6 z' {   MTL710    J,m8 J( [& |% e' F! A0 d   MTL710P! W0 ^" `. r5 S! L0 n( r, a    MTL715! W! h- U5 b7 }5 N9 A   MTL715P6 W7 O$ w9 x, l9 L& b   MTL722* {) \* i6 x. M8 r   MTL722P! O: C' w" t4 y8 U: o5 f    MTL728+, @2 O1 W) v. A) z0 a* b; Q: z' P1 [   MTL728P4 w* D4 l$ N( t9 n: }    MTL7512 b2 Z; f9 g    L. r    MTL755AC+ |,I& U6 W+ U   MTL758. D/ h& I9 L* D3 m: b    MTL760AC! H- \7 H4 @2 I! H& `9 N* W" z    MTL761* ~8 [( |: [( t   MTL761P8 v7 `4 H0 j( [    MTL764   e8 W2 ? 4 W$ I& u* \" I; O    MTL7661 Y+ N" G( L" c+ ^   MTL766P   ]' Z- W0 T; Q9 x9 U7 a   MTL767/ b6 q/ b) {( D7 L* J    MTL768$ a$ o9 K8 q* T) b+ A    MTL7798 D* M+ x2 A" f3 s$ h& ^8 L    MTL7960 Z5 [0 r7 h1 i    MTL7607 h0 e6 x+ C/ _ 7 u" W% L7 O    MTL765) N! n; e; d) n' l) b. v   MTL7725 _    d/ j1 w0 a    MTL7786 g% F3 j) Z+ G! h   MTL786+ U2 X- _ 8 n1 \' l/ y; K    l9 D8 q   MTL787+ y! B7 F6 ?" E    m" i4 e   MTL787S+0 n: C! m/ I( O# K( w   MTL787SP+& J4 s( Y% j3 X4 T0 T; K    MTL7887 e" e( I+ q4 k7 \   MTL788R+ h3 h9 K. G1 C% Y    MTL791- R( c' }9 }    r! E# S* a9 G: i,Q    MTL7994 c+ X5 F2 E8 R8 f1 g+ {- |2 m3 W' _.
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