Cause analysis of no heating fault of reflow welder
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Reflow welder will not heat the cause of the failure analysis, touch screen and OLED forum
Reflow soldering products are adjusted according to the temperature curve of reflow soldering to achieve better reflow soldering effect. Reflow soldering temperature curve can directly reflect the soldering temperature change process of circuit board in reflow soldering furnace. It is easy to weld according to the reflow temperature curve. Cause a lot of bad reflow soldering products J2 B3 T( l$ NThe reflow welding machine will not give a heating fault alarm. There are usually two situations:2 ^: U& r# Q! h+ w8 C& y% d4 B/ t9 A7 ^; } 4 Z$ C* Q1. The sudden alarm during heating indicates that "the temperature in a certain temperature zone is too low or the difference between some temperature zones and the set temperature is too large"; 7 R# h) }! Z" c& Y/ N' ^& ?   c1 t' m1 ?! F9 T + V "B / a 2. If the machine is stopped for a long time and then restarted, the computer will prompt" communication failure "and do not start reflow soldering for a long time to heat it.- l# @, ? 8 I3 h* T, M( F# H4 B& x- V1 x: H) y0 c% V& f# c$ N/ c+ Q, [% l% R. T( j6 d! J" H5 I& v$ j: `% a6 ]" {8 z/ J0 `& j" g7 E   @, P。。。

Cause analysis of no heating fault of reflow welder

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