What are the main requirements of the soft film for the hard plate bonding
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At present, the soft to hard bonding between cover plate and OCA or ITO is mainly used in products under 13.3 inches. It is a bonding process with high precision, high speed and high yield, and requires small machines and equipment.

What are the main requirements of the soft film for the hard plate bonding

in order to reduce production costs more effectively.
a model of Baode is recommended.
it is not bad.
0 C $Q & X: N2 d $G5 n & X: O3 ICover laminating machine! S5 K)] ` 7 A3 nUsage: mainly used for laminating soft film to hard plate and soft film to soft film#C'n {8 O9 ^ 6 A5 ~ advantages: small, light and fast0 |% ~ 0 g 'L. L; L size: 3.5 "~ 13.3" 9 O2 t's% m +? (B1 F4 w% W5 T)Accuracy: ≤± 0.1mm(s + @ $[3 P (g) capacity: 7200 PCS / day#Machine size: 900 * 750 * 1000mm*C9 U2 P.
Q6 @ $e process flow: 1) manually put OCA / ITO and cover plate in the fixture of left (right) worktable, adjust its position, vacuum suction, and tear off the protective film.
26 K5 '& j5R.
W + {$l% T2) press the start button to turn the cylinder 180 degrees! e (Z9 X6 \ + Q. ^ 'G3) after turning 180 degrees to position.
the lower worktable moves to the left driven by the lead screw to complete the fitting.
% e * F: ~ (o! L6 {! @ (I)4) At this time.
theThe platen of the left fixture was reset.
the single cycle was completed9 U8 O( Z: B3 R+ N* S6 U'R3 X1 J2?: l-r6 F & X% O1 y Shenzhen Baode automation precision equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2007.
it is a high-tech production enterprise specialized in R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of capacitive touch screen rear section production equipment and non-standard automation equipment, Main products: OGS full lamination, 3D surface lamination, ACF pasting machine, OCA lamination machine, protective film lamination machine, soft to soft lamination, soft to hard lamination, large screen lamination, constant temperature hot press, pulse hot press, high pressure defoaming machine, water glue lamination, graphene production equipment, etc, Especially in OCA lamination process (soft to hard, hard to hard, CTP to LCD) and OGS whole line process, it can greatly improve product yield and production capacity. Now it has developed into one of the most powerful companies in China. The company has advanced production and processing equipment, strong development technology team and perfect quality assurance system, providing high-quality precision automatic hot pressing equipment, and its products are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia.
the company has developed into one of the most powerful companies in China% G' d5 F.
i* y) a- P( a1 g3 h( n3 G5 aAddress: "Y0 z-c" V3? 9 Q / P4 J, Yijing Industrial Park, No. 1, Xinfang street, Guixin Road, Guanlan street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen$ B8 Q* H5 V2 x6 L/ Q13686811728 Zheng Sheng8 O  a% L5 ?, T0 ?" p" g' E: jhttp://www.powerde.net/2 v. q5 T* D6 x% M( A6 Q( u& a: B! u" n- L4 P: b' a: M: P! d: ~; }- I! w: B& y! H2 u$ p.
Soft to hard laminating machine4 c9 z.
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