Urgent, great Xia
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There are two situations8 Z3 @ 6? - P: ^ 9 o (O7, N, O) - the semi-finished product does not react when it is put on the table or on the insulating layer. It is OK to hold it by hand or put it on the ground, or add a glass cover on it.(O + R; ` 7 | + |% v) when the finished product is installed and tested, the lock screen can be drawn for the first time when it is turned on. When it stops and draws the line, it will not react. It will take more than ten seconds or more to react again - that is, it will take the first power on to react, or it will feel like waiting for the screen to charge& q$ N; T! C" I7 |, ~。

Urgent, great Xia

What is the line width and line distance of your sensing surface....
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