OGS appears in functional problems after fitting
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OGS, after the water glue lamination appears in the function question, but uses the dry glue to be normal. Why?# S0 ~& A0 G3 `4 X5 F( F- ?。 What kind of functional problems?5 K$ x6 }+ T8 S, f+ m& \8 {! _ Colloid? It can't be completely solidified. Alanchien 2014 published on May 2, 2014 12:11(Q8 F. Z & M: J? I7 q! H6 B what kind of functional problems?%| + R # Y9 i'o: B 2 M $` 7 F which colloid? Or it is possible that the curing of LOCA is incomplete# t% o; y& s1 B- D$ P6 w) V$ _ "We can't solidify at the edge9 ~4 F. Y( `, E% I。

OGS appears in functional problems after fitting

If it is due to the influence of water gel, there should be consistency. First confirm what the problem is.; g( t# r, g6 q% G, \。 We can't solidify at the edge; 0 e, C0 @ 3] * W. M--->It should be because the UV light at the edge is blocked, or the wavelength is filtered and attenuated, resulting in insufficient energy and incomplete curing%There are two ways to overcome V / ~ 4 J0 l0 I0 K4 T6? 8 J3 d $f-p; @ - S6 W + Q% G8 T1, in the process of adding edge side UV curing, it should be able to"L $} 8 s: I1 @ 3 W2. Change to the double curing form of water glue, which is first UV and then thermal.
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