Several elements of improving printing quality
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1. Customer flow"N8} 6 F2 Y: K: Y7 f bring customer needs into the vision of quality management 3 B8 K + x-l1 B4 c'iThe key of printing quality lies in the effective monitoring of communication between enterprises and customers, between relevant departments within enterprises, and between processes.

Several elements of improving printing quality

'u * U1 P. E & M\The first is the communication between enterprises and customers.
after entering the era of digital printing.
the prepress production stage is basically realized through computer typesetting software, binding design software, and laser phototypesetting system.
take book and magazine printing as an example.
most publishing houses are equipped with relatively complete electronic publishing system, including books, drawings, electronic documents, or films processed by publishing houses, Whether it is suitable for printing, whether the binding method and processing technology required by publishing and editing can be realized, and so on. If the communication is not in place, it will bring many problems to the subsequent printing and processing.
especially, the congenital defects in design will not be found until the post press processing.
or the problems will not occur until the finished books are in the hands of readers, It will not only bring irreparable losses to the press, but also a kind of loss to the printing enterprises.
although the direct economic losses may be borne by the press (because of design defects).
however, due to the lack of professionalism of the printing factory, the press will not be able to discover and prevent such results in time through communication with customers, Thanks to the convenience of computer design and market competition, the artistic effect pursued by the editor may deviate from the printing process; the printing process is just like rice, the salesman provides all "home" services from publishing to returning, and the editor is less on-site; new technology and new materials are changing with each passing day,The adaptability in processing needs to be explored and tested, and the printing factory is in the downstream of the industrial chain relative to the customers, which makes the full communication and management with customers in advance particularly important.
4_ " |  |& {) sThe second is the communication between different departments and processes in the enterprise.
in the printing production, there is a strong correlation between the front and back processes.
the overall design process must start from prepress, especially for some products that need special processing technology, more attention should be paid to meet the production requirements of each process.
for example, how to make up for hot stamping and die cutting products.
how to arrange the printing mouth, What should be paid attention to when printing and glazing local UV products should be considered in advance, and the process of the front and back processes should be communicated, coordinated and coordinated.
necessary tests should be carried out in case of new process or unstable factors.
corresponding preventive measures should be formulated in advance.
+ O # '$U8 P8 n - [/') y + S2. Raw materials - G.
G (c5b9 D. Q "QQuality directly determines the printing quality 9 Y1 V; d 'D1?Tongrentang stresses that "although taste is expensive, we dare not reduce our material resources". McDonald's began to standardize the raw materials from the place where they were produced, and all of them spared no expense in controlling the raw materials, The printing raw materials include printing and binding materials and auxiliary materials.
such as film, plate, paper, ink, blanket, hot melt adhesive, fountain solution, UV oil, etc.
among them, paper, ink, UV oil, hot melt adhesive, etc. directly constitute the printing products.
the quality of the printing products directly determines the quality of the printing products, and other auxiliary materials participate in a certain link of the printing process, It will also have an important impact on the quality of printed matter.
different printing products have different requirements on the printing effect.
the printing effect of different printing products is differentSome printing products require beautiful colors, while others require soft colors. Some products need to be exposed outdoors for a long time. When choosing ink and paper, the lightfastness will be a performance index that needs special attention. When printing different kinds of offset products, the requirements for blanket hardness are also different. According to different paper and seasons, hot melt adhesives have different models and characteristics, At the same time, we should pay attention to the storage of raw and auxiliary materials.
such as paper storage.
at present, the temperature and humidity control and dust-proof measures of paper warehouses in many enterprises can not meet the requirements, and some of them even store in the open air, not to mention the control of temperature and humidity and dust-proof, which has a negative impact on ensuring and improving the quality of printing and binding and reducing paper consumption, Priority should be given to meet the requirements of paper storage conditions.
* E1 '- \ {$W / h "J3 aIn addition,
some chemical materials (such as various glue, film, film, ink, UV oil, blanket, etc.) should also meet their storage conditions, and also ensure the storage conditions of transferred products.
many printing enterprises have not paid enough attention to this.
some even store them at the side of the aisle, which affects the smooth passage, It will also have adverse effects on the processing quality of the next process, and may become a potential fire safety hazard.
in addition, it will also have adverse effects on the processing quality of the next processIn fact,
the direct and indirect economic losses in this aspect are far greater than those in the construction of high standard paper warehouse and reordering product storage site.
however, because this kind of loss is distributed in many aspects,
no one has made a special analysis on this issue, so we are used to it.
the paper warehouse and reordering product storage site are the most important ones*E + U * J / Z / @ * O "D9 x nowadays, many printing enterprises do not pay much attention to the hanging and drying of offset paperShanghai printing seems to think that this is more than one procedure.
in fact.
due to the poor printability of offset paper, if it is printed directly on the machine, it will seriously affect the overprint accuracy of the product, and even cause problems such as wrinkling, ghosting, ink color inconsistency, etc.
after hanging and air conditioning, it can take the opportunity to blow out the paper dust and paper wool, Reducing the times of stopping the cleaning blanket and Feida paper feeding can make the water content of the paper basically stable in the printing process, reduce the paper deformation, improve the production efficiency, reduce the waste loss, and improve the printing quality.
2u3w0 A. M $C / L)|The author suggests that the qualified printing enterprises should carry out instrument testing on the main raw and auxiliary materials.
especially in the process of data and standardization, if this link is missing, many necessary data will only be based on the data in the supplier's product description. If there is any error between the product performance and the actual situation, or if there is any deviation in the quality stability of the product, Printing enterprises will not be able to find out and take measures in time.
printing enterprises will not be able to find out and take measures in time4 | 3 E * V I0 ~ # a 3. Operator 4 I & P 'X8 J5 Z2 N1 n * oDirectly control the whole printing process+A * a! V "J.
^ n the author believes that the operator directly controls the whole process of printing processing, and all other factors also act on the final printing products through the operator. The operator's quality awareness, ability and diligence will directly affect the product quality.
make the operator have a strong sense of quality and responsibility, and have appropriate operation ability, It is the basic duty of managers to be diligent.
9g (k '^!}.
D5MThe formation and strengthening of quality consciousness,It depends on the appropriate quality environment and fair and just distribution system.
first of all, the operator should have a consistent quality concept.
if the operation and management team does not reach a consensus on quality.
business undertaking, production scheduling, quality management department, and workshop managers all play their own tune; the top operator's business philosophy swings, and Shanghai printing business often ignores quality, In this case, it is impossible to cultivate a strong and consistent quality awareness among the operators.
quality awareness education should be combined with the study and mastery of quality standards, the summary and promotion of advanced and applicable operation standards, Third, quality awareness education should be combined with the improvement of enterprise quality system, the improvement of quality management system and the operation of quality management mechanismTo sum up, printing quality involves many aspects, such as timely communication, equipment, technology, process management, scientific and reasonable scheduling, quality management system construction, quality on-site management, production environment, suitable testing instruments, means and analysis methods, etc, The quality of our printing products can be greatly improved.
the quality of our printing products can be greatly improved*Q4 @ 3 F3 t # O6 Z0 |# P7 Q.
Yes, there are several very important elements.
good elements.
static electricity will also affect the printing quality.
printing is carried out on the surface of the object.
Electrostatic phenomenon is also mainly manifested on the surface of objects, and the relationship between them is naturally very close.
the printing process involves frequent impact.
friction and contact separation process, so that almost all objects involved in the printing process are electrostatic.
% L2 D.
m & D-T) s "F / W1 G$ J) _ : f8 D" n% v$ t) k% YSubstrate surface charged, such as paper, polyethylene, polypropylene, cellophane, etc., they will absorb paper scraps or diffuse in the air of a large number of dust, impurities, etc., thus affecting the transfer of ink, reduce the transfer rate of ink, appear on the printed matter "dot", or due to mutual exclusion caused by roll slip, uneven roll3 |* u# W! E) m7 d.
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