Solution of capacitance TP click defect
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There is no video and picture, it is a built-in capacitor screen (without cover plate, only glass + FPC + explosion-proof film) structure, which is directly fixed on the iron frame around the display screen with double-sided adhesive around the back of TP, the test impedance is normal, the machine capacity value is normal, and the line drawing is normal. After assembly, the gap between TP and polarizer on the upper surface of display screen is about 0.2mm. (set developer options - display touch position, display pointer position check test) when pressing TP with one finger, several more points will appear in a part of the area at the same time - basically along the same horizontal line as the pressing point. But when the force is very light, it is not. The position of the extra points is basically fixed, and the pressing points are also basically fixed - more than one. % b. e5 ^: m9 v$ y. b) b$ H9 `2 v( a- sTry to completely insulate the contact surface between the iron frame and TP, and the phenomenon is still the same; TP is independent, and it is not easy to appear this phenomenon if the display screen is not assembled for testing; after the display screen is assembled and pasted, the phenomenon still appears if the case is not assembled Is it frequency interference with the display screen? What do you need to pay attention to when doing projects with no foam embedded and small assembly gap? How to find out the cause of the trouble?0? / \! M7 P #], O3 Z, P: D6 @ J thank you* o! s! {6 J3 b! k3 V: M$ Q。

Solution of capacitance TP click defect

To adjust the sensitivity, the setting is too sensitive. :):):):):):)。 Debug sensitivity..
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