K-505 nano ceramic fingerprint resistant waterborne resin
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K-505 nano ceramic fingerprint resistant waterborne resin is a product newly developed by our company on the basis of k-501 series. The coating is based on the lotus leaf effect principle and is made of micro nano ceramic structure materials.
due to the extremely low surface tension of nano materials, it has strong hydrophobic and anti oil stain ability.
the coating has the characteristics of easy cleaning and anti fingerprint, The water on the surface of the coating rolls down like a lotus leaf without leaving any water mark, The product can be applied to mobile phone glass display screen, electronic touch screen, steel and aluminum alloy, ceramics, natural stone and other surfaces.

K-505 nano ceramic fingerprint resistant waterborne resin

the specific performance indicators are as follows: 1. Coating characteristics: 1. Excellent fingerprint resistance.
after pressing the coating surface with fingers.
fingerprint is not easy to detect, The coating has the characteristics of hydrophobic, oil repellent, easy to clean and scrub resistant.
it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.
it has passed the Rosh test.
4. Light transmittance.
the light transmittance of the coating is increased by about 2% on the basis of glass, It has the function of antireflection and antireflection.
5. Scratch resistance.
the hardness of the coating is more than 4H on the surface of aluminum alloy.
6h on the surface of glass and 8h on the surface of steel plate (the hardness of fluorocarbon resin coating is only 1 ~ 2H).
abrasion resistance.
it is not easy to fog and leave marks; scratch resistance is much better than other transparent resin.
6. The coating has the characteristics of high temperature resistance.
it has no discoloration when the temperature is more than 600 ℃, The coating has excellent low temperature resistance.
the coated sample is taken out after minus 40 ℃ for 1 hour,The thermal conductivity is 21.64w / (m · K).
8. Excellent insulation.
volume resistivity is 1.5941 × 1017 Ω cm.
9. Solvent resistance.
it is resistant to butanone for more than 2000 times.
it is also resistant to other organic solvents.
10. UV aging.
the coating material is made of micro nano materials Excellent corrosion resistance.
the neutral salt spray test of 10-15 μ m film has reached 6000 hours, which is very rare in other resin materials. The acid and alkali resistance of the film is also very excellent. The film is soaked in 5% sulfuric acid and 5% sodium carbonate solution for 48 hours, The film has no appearance change and abnormal luster, The pH value of acid and alkali resistance ranges from 1 to 11.
12. The resin can also be mixed with water-based inorganic colorants to form water-based transparent or opaque coatings.
the performance of UV and high temperature resistance is very good.
13. The coating operation is simple.
it can be sprayed, sprayed and dipped.
the second coating can be used Applicable materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloy, glass, ceramics, stone, wood, paper and other surfaces.
scope of application: the resin can be used in a variety of harsh environments (high temperature, UV, corrosion).
it still has a good protective effect on a variety of material substrates.
for example, in Shanghai and other big cities.
in the subway station outdoor aluminum alloy structure, high-rise building glass curtain The anti-corrosion performance of aluminum alloy frame of the wall is particularly excellent, and it is widely used.
4. Application process: 1) substrate pretreatment: surface cleaning and degreasing2) Coating process: spray coating, spray coating, roller coating, dip coating, etc.; on glass or smooth ceramic surface.
non woven cloth can also be used according to the situation.
3) dispersion and curing process: mix component A and component B according to the mass ratio of 1:1, stir for 3 hours (stir for 1 hour in high temperature season) - filter (300 mesh filter) - spray 3-10 microns - bake (160 degrees.
20 minutes).
Room Temperature Curing for 7 days.
(90 ℃ baking surface drying time: 8 minutes; natural air drying surface drying time: 48 hours) 5. Construction conditions: relative humidity <75%.
it is best not to construct in rainy, snowy and foggy days.
6. Storage period: group A and group B can be stored for 6 months before mixing.
it is best to use up in one day after mixing.
but it can be used in cold storage Product quality indicators: test items: specification standard appearance colorless transparent liquid solid composition: 59 ~ 61% viscosity (4 cups) 14.0s specific gravity: 1.0 pH: 5 ~ 7 Kejinna ceramic factory, Huayang Town, Jurong City, Jiangsu Province Tel: 051187300762 contact person: Mr. Zhang 13775382276.
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