Our company wants to invest in OGS. Is there any chance?
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OGS or GF?Will 6 I4 f / P + W% R4 n - S0 K9 g # Q be eliminated by oncell?; B: N& _ ; M; q1 j. P; _ Thank you for your advice!1 U4 H% d: G2 D5 Z8 y, C + J2 J / J / Y0 H1 l0 A1 g.
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Our company wants to invest in OGS. Is there any chance?

J2 J, i* [+ H: F* P! ~9 W, D2 x, g * W: ^ now the OGS chip processing is made by laser, with caterpillar pattern. A device is under 200000, with low entry threshold and large market demand. 7-inch pattern only takes 14 seconds. I am a laser equipment in touch screen industry. If you are interested, please contact 18823288626 R.
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? This year's on-cell is popular, and it may be in-cell in the future. The OGS yield rate will not go up and may be eliminated, and many people are not optimistic.
this year's on-cell is popular.
it may be in-cell in the future. The OGS yield rate will not go up and may be eliminated, and many people are not optimistic.
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P  a# a5 t8 o* I# A$ K,}5 | @: H # s * P5 x the purpose of the boss to open a factory in this industry is to make money, so how to make money in this industry is the starting point to discuss * V4 Q & F (q $} 2 W1 O & W 'GNo matter oncell OGS or GG GF, there are all kinds of bosses who make money silently, and they can't do it alone@It's all built on the basis of stable cooperation in the early stage, customers and resources, and it's very difficult to do TP rashly.
in the early stage, it's difficult to do TP rashly/B. ~) L2 w! T & B a + Q1 e the cost of materials and personnel is high.
and now TP is a competition in the Red Sea, and only by doing quantity can it survive. If you want to make money, you have to find a new way * ^! ^! D $Y3 Z - I * L8 N1 a S5 G9 B5 a $Z ﹣ f! N3? I'm a sales person of laser etching equipment. Let's talk about what I'm optimistic about and recommend to the new factory, the old factory transformation, and the living method of 2014 - C2 Y2 f (T. J - ~ / C7 R & D)_ ( PGenerally, many small and medium-sized owners have to think twice before they go to the laser line, because one equipment is only a few hundred thousand, which is the most expensive equipment in the whole plant. Moreover, the laser can not do DITO, and the efficiency is not high. Many TP manufacturers suffer from low yield and low profit due to immature equipment and technology.
5 @ (x3)_ .
u2 U6 RIf you want to make money in this industry, you must look at the latest industry trends and learn more about advanced technology and market demand.
back to the question of LZ.
is there any chance to invest in OGS? OGS production process,It's not easy for big companies to play, let alone small and medium-sized ones. The profit is really not considerable, the yield greatly restricts the profit, and the cost is also very high.
now it's not suitable to spend money on large production processes.
after all, the hot year of 2013 of OGS is far away, and dog blood media has abandoned OGS speculation, Even in order to attract people's attention, we vigorously advocate new technologies and new processes, such as oncell, incell, nano silver, nano carbon and so on.
let's look at the OGS chip manufacturing process.
now there are yellow light, laser and other processes, and the output of yellow light is faster than that of yellow light. Although there are also factories that use laser to make small OGS chips, they are also suffering from splicing, yield and output. In addition, they also make fake OGS cottage shares, After all, the function is limited and the price can't get up.
) C & T & 7 W # x4 X: Q 'Z! ~. L + R - A (? $I0 I% | OGS will be eliminated by oncell? Let's see how many years ago, GFF is still the mainstream of the market. The latest Xiaomi note uses GFF, and the low-end market of GFF is still very active.
oncell incee says it's a trend, I have no opinion.
oncell is the world of liquid crystal panel factories, and now most TP factories are not involved at all, It's unscientific to want to transform.
and take a look at the latest popular thousand yuan 8-core mobile phones: TCL Jinli / Coolpad F1 OGS / Huawei 3x Changyou OGS / Hongmi note GFF / Nibiru H1 OGS / Lenovo gold fighter OGS / youmi X3 OGS / (I can't remember if it's not marked).
losers are all OGS,Hehe.
hehe2 |: _ ! v$ o) M6 T) ]( Q8 ]% ?' v- p: t.
S% c$ dNow back to the point of the question, can OGS make money? I haven't been the boss of a TP factory, and I can't give you a definite answer.
I can only give you a set of recommended solutions.
in my experience of contacting so many customers, it's very profitable this year! Now the laser etching machine that can make OGS caterpillar on the market costs more than 400000 yuan, but I tell you that you can buy a laser etching machine to make 7-12 inch caterpillar pattern OGS for less than 200000 yuan (including 17 tax points), for example: 7-inch screen caterpillar pattern 30U line width etching time is less than 14 seconds, don't you believe it? Ordinary ink is OK, do you continue to believe it?; Q7 W1 @. i; r! q  s0 }( R/N "F8 W. C6 s% @ 3 Z / H3 K if you know a friend, you must believe it, because there are many manufacturers making a lot of money. Because of process optimization and specific market, their costs are reduced by half and their profits are doubled. Do you believe it?" ]4 \, B  O+ y6 q3 ~2 t. M$ X+ ~- L2 oAt present, our company has launched a small piece OGS laser etching equipment for this industry. If you are interested in obtaining information, please reply to email zzm@laserallian.com Or call me (see signature) thank you.
thank you( z/ ^. \! d: g) {) L0 S# T2 |) C' e2 v! {* d& b2 Y: e; J- a' v+ B! n/ ~3 A.
a/ B4 i( W+ x5 d% i# f.
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