Introduction to basic knowledge of photoresist and technical parameters of various photoresists
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Introduction to basic knowledge of photoresist and technical parameters of various photoresists'E; a: X & D "F! W7 e, G basic knowledge of photoresist is provided by Shenzhen Detong Optoelectronic Materials Co., LtdA definition of photoresist: photoresist, also known as photoresist, is an organic compound whose solubility in developing solution will change after UV exposure4 D; _ # Y# u9 R/ |1 F8 P$G5? - K (I x9 X.
[2 photoresist classification: photoresist is divided into negative photoresist and positive photoresist.
2( c+ [% _ 1 X6 P "H) B1 photoresist category 1: negative photo resist.

Introduction to basic knowledge of photoresist and technical parameters of various photoresists

was first used.
until 1970s.
crosslinking occurred in the exposure area.
insoluble in developer.
characteristics: good adhesion, good blocking effect, fast photosensitivity.
the disadvantage is that the polymer absorbs the solvent in the developer.
the resolution is reduced due to expansion, D # Z; b'e / @ & M & I2 photoresist category 2: the exposure area of positive photoresist is easier to dissolve in the developer.
characteristics: positive photoresist (photoresist pattern is the same as mask pattern).
higher resolution (no expansion phenomenon) and more common application in IC manufacturing.
the disadvantages are poor adhesion, poor anti etching ability and high cost.
the advantages and disadvantages of positive photoresist are as follows.
s: \0 ]- |; p* C5 E) _ 3 [$ C8 a$ w0 X9 m8 uThree photoresist composition knowledge: generally, photoresist is composed of three components: 1. Matrix material (also known as resin), 2,As an adhesive, determine the mechanical properties of the film; 2. Sensitizer (also known as inhibitor), is a photosensitive compound (PAC); 3. Solvent (different from developer solvent), keep the photoresist liquid, but it will volatilize when applied on the substrate.
[0 X! R9 p. A) d) X' w; [0 u5 M  c% x, J4. Detailed introduction of photolithography process (process legend): please refer to: ≡ De- ≡≡5 W2 ]) C) h3 ^) ]4 c3 H+ @% L& j( ?8 T9 R# k0 T "? 8 | 6 z7} 4 k4a five photoresist brands: AZ, tok, futurex, Dongjin are widely used in the market at present.
among them, AZ is good at positive photoresist.
the products cover UV and deep UV.
the main products are AZ, tok, futurex and Dongjin2 @& `6 ~  C" u2 m  Z# b& g0 F* f6 m. g. w4 P3 i# y& q% B( MCommon models and applications of six photoresist brands: m # I4 C; Q. J & @ 9] 7 E2 D "nThe commonly used models are: az4620, az1500, az6112, AZ9260, etc.
they are the mainstream products of many Fab factories.
futurex is the most characteristic negative photoresist in the United States.
when the film thickness is 200um, the aspect ratio can reach 10:1.
they are very suitable for MEMS, biochip, microfluidic, power semiconductor, LED applications.
among them, nr9-3000py is applied in nine of the top ten LED chips in the world.
in this paper, the author introduces the application of nr9-3000pyIt is mainly used to produce high-power LED chips and is widely used in PSS process.
all the above products are sold by Shenzhen Detong Optoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd.
8 y. P1 ~ - B / F [4 y / a]+ r0 s3 ?$ w) jKey words: photoresist.
Anzhi, AZ, futurex, Dongjin, negative photoresist, positive photoresist, 7 H0 a) y / y. Q6 a) S8 U & LKey words: futurex, Detong, led, semiconductor, MEMS, 7 {8 o% | $o * [- N + H 'I "|Industry and product category: Electrical Equipment & Supplies>>7 ], p# D, H/ C1 u3 ?9 m  e! P8 g# [                           SEMICONDUCTOR>> Photoresist0 S- F6 S6 t# H# g: e( `( J" Y. Z* e# n, QEight photoresist brands futurex photoresist product attributes: (Y% J! A - N5 o $C8}1. Futurex photoresist product description and advantages:)I) U) I8 M% a * E1 C (b5j 1.1) futurex photoresist has good adhesion without using tackifier (HMDS)5 Q1 A3 S $z7 G - W; w1.2} negative photoresist can be stored for 3 years at room temperature6 F / X * l 'v / A: C * n & [0 o1.3 150 degree baking,Shorten the baking time8 S* V4 a5 z  [9 A% g9 J" _ -The film thickness can reach 100um in a single spin coatingM * t "F: V" C Z3 Z "{1.5} with 100 μ m film thickness, it only takes 6 ~ 8 minutes 7 ^. V & @% m $a (U2 @ 5p)2. Futurex photoresist Product Description: # u 'C3'% ` 2 Z0 C4 uThe application of futurex photoresist in semiconductor field can be found in- ≡≡9 q8 O( [8 o& R5 ~) C3. Application, model and characteristics of futurex photoresist in optoelectronic field:! n* i- v4 j8 U: y9 _ )H application field ﹣ model ﹣ characteristics! ` 4 R5 G7 M0 I "F" BPhotoelectron nr71 / nr9-py is used in the lift off process with high adhesion! U( T8 p3 v  E0 _ "G; a high efficiency, high temperature resistance / as permanent spacer material% O5 g'r $}) a: BThe photoelectron nr71-p mask is suitable for dry etching and can be used as permanent spacer (p6o: Z - '- M1 U0^The positive photoresist in photoelectron PR1 etching process is suitable for spraying and roller coating 7q! B / ~ 7E3 IPhotoelectron nr9-p has high adhesion,Suitable for electroplating and wet etching (T / y6 g # H ~ 0 Q0|Photoelectron nr2-p can achieve 100 um film thickness of concave convex pattern, good resolution, easy to degumming"C6 B! K! L; m; s) F4 D, J * P4 futurex technical parameters of various photoresists: $Y0 O5 P1 Q4 q $P5 C-S4.1? Lift off model and film thickness parameters:'E / F & T7 M1 J.] / W8 ~: E8 K negative photoresist applications: LEDs, OLEDs, displays, MEMS, packaging, biochips 4 d0 E6 G3 T8 V (F1 D9 s4.1 for positive photoresist model and film thickness parameters, please refer to: ≡ De- ≡≡* @7 k3 c# @& R: Q0 K0 R$ I6 sPHOTORESIST ENQUIRY Hotline: 0086 755 8369 2179,# z" x; ~- b! hEMAIL: zyb0001©de- , ≡≡de- ≡≡" t. [, W' O  a# m8 T: L$ Z5 general knowledge of photoresist products: 3 h% Z6 i7 X. u-s4 CQ: As an LED manufacturer, please recommend some photoresists for ion etching and lift off process.
. K + j6b.
W8 D. K9 fA: As far as I know,Futurex has several types of adhesives that are very suitable. Nr7-1500p and nr7-3000p are specially designed for ion etchingThe nr9-3000py can be used for lift off applications.
for more details, please call 0755-83692179 or email:
More product visits*X4 D R: e / M; J: UQ: is there any product that can replace az1518, micropure degumming solution and AZ developer? ' u# ~- C" P: s9 |A: American photoresist, futurex positive photoresist pr1-2000a, degumming solution RR4, and developer rd6 can solve the above problems.
8 g! J. C: @ 9 uQ: Do you have any DVD applications that can replace Shipley s1805? 6 T* ^$ G# Y! z8 g) n- OA: We suggest using futurex pr1-500a.
it has several advantages: better resolution, better linewidth control, less reflection, no need for HMDS, easy removal after RIE, etc~$ X! `0 b- p7 s$ F9 x # G1 P + C2 / 5 J 9 photoresist futurex spot price inquiry and supply situation: & I4 y; C "D; J3 y6 o" dFOB price USD 120 ~ 170 / unit% S7 F1 Z ~ 7 h $q $s $U6 d%_Hong Kong" G( }# C9 ~1 s# z$ o( A' G* S,M "M5 s payment method t / T in advance western union MoneyGram 0 s; R9 @ 1 L - B5 C% | 7 [8 e]Payment method other PayPal%|? 3 \; [! O / h: ` 1 L / u minimum order quantity 10 unit $I # Z: H # o $X; |) w # RMinimum order other 50 unit * t $W3 A4 A7 o; XSupply capacity 100 unit / month+} V; O; l (Z: N4 I0 T4 V3 I supply capacity other 500 unit per month8 ^ * B (q) i9 i f regular packing: Gallen bottom! V $N8 V $D6 o, H: future photography inquiry hotline: 0086 755 8369 2179, email: zyb0001 & copy; de- , ≡≡de- Choose.
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