Curing of OC negative photoresist insulating oil (UV)
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Discuss with you that the negative photoresist insulating oil used to make OC insulating block will be used in G2 single side bridging module TP products. Talk with you about the products of those manufacturers which are relatively better. At present, our company uses Toray ns-2511.: R / M0 J; m-x-z6 ': v. Our ink company is a professional manufacturer of touch screen protector, window protector and ITO circuit protector, Our company's products include: strippable blue glue (front cover and back cover), UV protection glue, OGS high-temperature protective glue, hydrofluoric acid resistant ink, cutting resistant ink, ultrasonic resistant ink, environmentally friendly hydrolysis ink, glass frosting ink, and now we have developed a low temperature curing ink that can replace pet. Our company has strong R & D strength, At present, the successful cooperation brands include: apple, Nokia, Samsung, Huawei, BYD and other well-known brands, which have solved the problem of difficult process protection: S0 H0 O5 f) f: H: uSales engineering Ms. Zhang: 158144070058 C. K - a ﹣ Z1 Q3 J! N. C! D, CQQ:27563928066 X" P! A7 N% x0 ?# c% ]2 _ - E* x- `4 ~2 _   [* q" f# R。 This glue is not to achieve the function of shadow elimination, ha ha, our company has such a product section to provide, you are welcome to contact. |, |6 K6 {( S/ B: t% t。

Curing of OC negative photoresist insulating oil (UV)

Chimei can have a try. Negative photoresist generally do photoresist manufacturers have it, like light ah, new materials ah, etc., are good..
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