OGS process and cost comparison. Three to four processes, Ogs
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$ ^/ o* b% _ 8 T9 P) C* `0 l# j; p* R) y- DAt present, the market positioning of OGS is mainly divided into three sectors.

OGS process and cost comparison. Three to four processes, Ogs

1. Metal bridging.
2. Caterpillar technology. 3. G! F (that is, one side on film and one side on cover plate)*O; E0 I - C7 Q5] "Q4 @ 9 x 1.
metal bridging has no such strength for the vast majority of companies at present to produce with the main listed companies in this economic zone.
the cost and price are high."&X + \ / B7 I + e + @ (~ 2.
caterpillar laser and yellow light large and small (TOL)%J (o) k * '- G & P: the former has low laser hairiness cost and good yield control.
it can be used to make small tol chips, and the intensity can meet the requirements.
it can be used for coating first and then laser etching.
it has a great advantage (mainly due to the stability of process control laser) large yellow light chips can be mass produced, At present, the top two in the market are divided into physical strengthening and chemical strengthening, while the top two are customized according to the price of customers9 t # I)} 3 i7 X4]) H.
s ﹥ above is personal experience and understanding of OGS,If you have technical discussion, you can add me qq86849435 (don't sell); t; s4 s, S. }/ |5 P & W * r $R1 Y2 R.
% a: z) u'h! K thank you for your sharing.
thank you for your sharing!!!!
the second strong physical strengthening is deep grinding.
the chemical strengthening is generally HF. Now there are some three strong adhesives on the market, which are used to fill the cracks around the glass sheet.
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