Touch screen magazine touch China touch screen industry magazine released in April!
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Touch China delivers industry touch screen products in real time, Touch screen technology, touch screen industry trends.
let you learn the latest technology and development trends of touch screen industry more intuitively and quickly.

Touch screen magazine touch China touch screen industry magazine released in April!

and some touch screen related information.
with the yield increasing and the price becoming more competitive.
bridge on cell and single-layer multipoint on cell touch control solutions have won the favor of middle and high-level and low-level smart phone manufacturers respectively, And expand the introduction of its products, which is expected to further promote the penetration of on cell touch solution in the mobile phone market.
on cell touch is gaining strength in the smart phone market.
2 W6 L # H: y; H! p; J '~ 6 Q - G4 V' y diagram: the cover of touch screen magazine touch China, issue 45. S. N8 H0 G8 QMain contents of this issue:) Z: O/ O( j# G) V/ \/ s ( G  R; T. u  J! W( o3 aCurrent news:8 ['k "M $L6 V & O] in 2014, Samsung plans to expand the adoption of slim GFF and GF1 Technology (technical part)2 W! @! O3 P ﹣ t0 C ﹣ on cell touch is gaining strength in smart phone market (focus)2 V: E  v+ s6 P/ J" b8 _ 6 / 4 y & E + T borderless screen is coming! Single layer touch technology exposure (market part) * e (R's: g / K! A & x)    .......
b9 f: k5 \1 ~* k/ }% V4 y4 s) {+ M: j4 E& PInformation of manufacturers:9 |'z. ~'x L; '"Q9 J VTouch R & D of virtual touch technology: using TV to control lights 5 J & P: K5 ^ - x + eHan's laser won Apple's first order of 3 g of laser cutting machine with 20 million US dollars,Y% |3 n* m8 w5 vCorning and ATMEL will cooperate to develop the next generation of ultra thin capacitive touch screen9 O: e+ L/ x* z, }2 c5 k+ u    ……: U" X/ S# P" x- {3 e3 B- U! s* ^( k# Q8 K1 GOur viewpoint: 8 U%] 3] 8 q) n # B $W: Q / SGeneral inspection standard for cover glass of capacitive screen4 [( J( h$ R! K# Y( p0 W- [  f9 R#A; v% a% B61 [2 A + [& n 'V + G $~ 8 T "l] gather the information of touch screen manufacturers and businesses in the industry to enrich your customer resources / M5 S0 n.] 3 G" @ - D4 M7 R / M: m; R $g 'U > hot topic:' ^ * C; x-g: D1_Bonding technology and application trend of the latest touch panel (2) 8 H5 Q4 R6 ~! J*Z & J # P / D4 Y "R3 A2 V > touch application:/L; B% e * f; z6y hot technology: Wearable smart devices! Z4 J8 X '} / S (n & \ / V3 q)0 i5 o0 T + L8 H5 C download address 4 l'a / R. | 2_ 5 c& O# U5 e) d6 V  N* f  g  t! yAdvantages of touch China touch screen magazine9 Y9 s - N9] - D (t0 w9 b) s $g ﹣ 1. Touch China magazine is edited by China touch screen network( ),In the professional platform of China touch screen network, the magazine has a huge industry database, which can ensure that the magazine has high-quality readers.
}! @ 2 m + I $I4 w2. The founder of "touch China" magazine is now the world's largest touch screen professional website - China touch screen website( )With the good platform of China touch screen network, "touch China" has won a good reputation and credibility in the TP industry.
in this paper, we introduce the concept of "touch China" in TP industry
H / o0 C + E4 G4 G 3. Touch China has become a good magazine to promote the development of touch screen enterprises in China with the continuous strengthening of cooperation and market exchanges between touch China and touch screen manufacturers at home and abroad! P B $Z; y.
can I get the physical book?
: e + P) C5 Y0 J8 uWith a flick of the mouse, the gold coin reaches the hand, bows its head and walks fiercely.
yurobert published on April 18, 2014, 17:46. ` 6 y; Y / Q8 [6 K "J / C * n can I get the physical book3 T2 A.
M. D4 n) n no paper version, only electronic version%C! P5 H & W! F.
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