Let me ask you a question
Author:Wu Yanping Time:2021-06-10 12:29 Browse(859)
hello everyone!-N; L "{7 T; ^ 2 s} I would like to ask you a question: is there any difference between the small size (2-5 inches) of mobile phone capacitive screen and the large size (6-15 inches) of tablet and notebook in debugging, production and technology? 0 W' J' d' [# E' D/ ACould you give me a description of the scheme, thank you very much.], K1 V (n; Z $K / ': @ + J- l$ V* ?/ ^' X, A( t。

Let me ask you a question

There is a lot of knowledge in it. Wanwenlong348 was published on July 16, 2014 at 11:270 ~ 1 C, H: Q + ^ # w there is a lot of knowledge'B - {! V. W "I6 I it seems that no one replied $g & B * [,] 6}. Learning, thank you (selling OC and BM photoresist, mobile phone: 13169687865, QQ: 693221110)..
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