Professional capacitive screen separation technology
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Professional capacitive screen separation technology: in the production process, the capacitive screen will inevitably have white spots, wool, fiber, debris, dirt, bubbles, poor function and other problems after lamination! These problems have always plagued the touch screen industry. Although some of the products with poor appearance can be shipped as B products, many customers can't accept the return and factory scrapped products (hundreds of pieces per day for small factories and thousands of pieces per day for medium factories). If they return them, it's not enough for labor cost9 R1 y. J ([. V% I "C") in order to solve this cost problem, I have been exploring in the touch screen industry for many years. Now I have set up a professional independent team to completely master the OCA and water glue disassembly process of G + G, G + F, G + FF, P + G, P + F! At present, the daily production capacity of one line is more than 10k. All TP factories are welcome to call and negotiate. If there is a batch, you can pick up the goods at your door and send them as a package!    ! s, Y & S0, D & M Tel: 13538086200, Chen Changhai.
high price recovery: Gold wiping cloth, silver paste, gold salt, gold paste, palladium catalyst, palladium carbon, silver nitrate, silver powder, film, fixing water, gold plating, Silver plating and other precious metal wastes containing gold, silver, palladium and rhodium (touch screen factory, electroplating factory, jewelry factory, circuit board factory,,,) are also charged with touch screen IC.

Professional capacitive screen separation technology

(intermediary heavy reward) 13715163663 (Nationwide).
to all bosses and friends: 5 J5 V # J8 H & R.
L, w8 a! BAre you still having difficulty in dealing with the defective products, the repair fee is too high or the cost of re feeding is too high? Do you still have to discard your defective products? Do you still feel depressed because of too many defective products, resulting in uneven delivery or re feeding? ——These will certainly affect the competitiveness of your company, right? In order to save the cost for you, our company has opened up a shortcut to repair the scratch quickly, with high yield rate. 1 m3 X /? 3 V)} 7 a'm # Z0 l4 S5 e7 Y. D9 ]' NShenzhen yishengda Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional repair (glass surface scratch) resistance screen, capacitance screen, LCD, glass cover company, with a daily processing capacity of 2K or 4K. The main person in charge of the company is the management and technical personnel with more than 6 years of practical experience in TP / CTP factory, with its own unique formula, Resistance screen (white spots / dirt / poor appearance) / / / capacitance screen (G + F / G + F + F / G + P / G + G / etc.) finished / semi-finished product scratch, front scratch, ink surface scratch can be repaired, no ink return, no silk screen, no FPC removal, no cover plate removal / finished product shipment after direct quick repair. Welcome to take the scratch glass products to our company to see the effect / efficiency / or send scratch samples to test%L% L; E, C0 e # o don't worry about handing over the defective products to us for you: our idea is that we are a repair team of your company. According to your requirements, we can deal with the defective products produced in the production line and returned by customers in time, and then return to the company's production line in time to keep up with the pace of production and eliminate waste.
we can cooperate with the delivery on the same day as soon as possible! It's far lower than the purchase cost and delivery time of new materials.
if you do a good job, you will earn an extra piece of money.
if you do a good job, you will earn an extra piece of money  O. c" E& W& q/ B9 A5 ~6 T2 Y & J1} - f $C ~ keep improving.
sincere service ~ ~ thank you for your cooperation ~ 3 T & K! T2 w / V7 I6 m                                                  7 _ (S9 o (H5]% H "E / V) t contact: Wang Sheng 7 U + L # ~ 8 P & WTel: 13602511404" w( S- T+ y" |$ Y& n1 l                 QQ:2382996- ]- }1 a3 H/ r* {- `0 G3 aAddress: 4th floor, No.35, Dalang North Road, Dalang Xinwei village, Bao'an District, Shenzhen6 c'c / S (I6 P.
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