Supply cypress capacitive touch
Author:Liu Xiaojun Time:2021-06-10 17:59 Browse(141)
Cypress capacitive touch solution, capacitive touch IC. Modulation scheme and sales IC. Interested parties please contact. Contact person: Mr. Yang. Tel: 0755-83269945. qq:930098005。 ............。

Supply cypress capacitive touch

High price recovery: Gold wiping cloth, silver wiping cloth, silver paste, gold salt, gold paste, palladium catalyst, palladium carbon, silver nitrate, silver powder, film, fixing water, gold plating, silver plating and other precious metal wastes containing gold, silver, palladium and rhodium (touch screen factory, electroplating factory, jewelry factory, circuit board factory,,,) are also collected. (intermediary heavy pay) 13715163663 (National).. :@:@:@。
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