What's your opinion or suggestion on cryogenic nitrogen separation?
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Our company is mainly engaged in low-temperature nitrogen separation equipment (low-temperature equipment is widely used ﹣ the first equipment of our company is used for freezing metal materials ﹣ the second equipment is used for food quick freezing ﹣ now it is also used in the photoelectric industry). At present, our company has also made some customers, For example: Jiangxi helitai, Ganzhou depute, Heyuan Liyou, Guanlan Shenyue, Guanlan Shenzhong, Guanlan tongxingcheng, Huizhou Guoke, taibaike touch, easy key electronics. D1 C% w $I4 S7 I (~ / I "n! G), Changan Yuye optoelectronics, taiguan technology, Samsung vision, etc. 0 u' e* ^7 q) f7 k! JMany customers came to proofing. Some said the equipment was good, while others said it was bad? What do you think?, a - R% G (], R & v% I now our equipment can be separated: G + G + F module, etc2 U% e, E* _ L) T1 B welcome to communicate, including the cost of using liquid nitrogen, how to remove glue and so on! : Z$ I! P4 N7 j; b2 E。

What's your opinion or suggestion on cryogenic nitrogen separation?

The cost of liquid nitrogen should not be expensive. A tank of liquid nitrogen 240 140 kg 8 W% d% X% x, B-E% | 9 Z * qOne device can hold 300-500 pieces, and one can be used for 4-5 times. The average cost is less than 40 cents. The cost of liquid nitrogen is too high, mainly due to the large volatilization loss. Degumming is not your equipment. This method is good, can separate..
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