I'm a rookie. Please ask me a question. Thank you
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I would like to ask what is called two strong glass?. Secondary strengthening is because the surface stress of glass is destroyed in the process of CNC, so secondary strengthening is needed to increase the strength. Second strength is the secondary strengthening of glass, strengthening the edge;0 S6 {* ~; U $I, C, B-P welcome to add OGS communication group, OGS touch screen, assembly, scheme, QQ group number: 31618446,: J) s. N2 U7 ` 3 y; s) g ﹣ specialized in OGS touch screen Yang Sheng QQ: 278290962# L  f$ x2 c! ?% ]* N。

I'm a rookie. Please ask me a question. Thank you

The mouse shakes, the gold coin arrives, the hand carries the soy sauce, lowers the head to walk fiercely ﹣ um ﹣ upstairs said is right. Hehe, I just know that. The cover plate is strengthened by exchanging Na particles and k particles, then CNC edging, and then HF strengthening, which is not very clear.
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