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Our company now meets a problem in the full fit: LCM can move in the backlight iron frame, and the mold is the size of the iron frame, so it is easy to have the risk of displacement in the full fit. Please tell us what method can make LCM move in the backlight iron frame? * k6 p: f* T" J- l。


have a look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Requirements: familiar with G + G, G + f full fit, have experience in successful improvement of bad process projects. 3 N# n# p3 r5 ^Responsibilities: introduction of new products and materials; process improvement, efficiency improvement and yield improvement; analysis of defective items."@ 2 Z3 i5 A7 M7 Q or above, preferential treatment, welcome TP, module, mobile phone industry elite enthusiastically put in resume, do not meet the resume, so as not to waste each other's time, thank you! Interested can contact QQ: 32362667. There is something wrong with the incoming materials. A movable positioning bar can be opened on the left or right side of the fixture, that is to say, let one side be movable and add a spring to make it play the role of positioning.
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