High efficiency low temperature disassembly equipment for capacitor screen
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Advantages of the dejieli touch screen splitting device:- s6 b% w. ?8 ^0 N4 l! q3 d7 _ 1. The resolution efficiency of thousands of tablets in one hour; w-a 2J) n 6U 5 '$s2. Up to 95% of the resolution qualified rate, components without damage; 4 @ 8 Q 'J% y. W8 S9 I3. Detachable liquid crystal assembly, TP, G + G, G + F.G + F + liquid crystal,:] + K4 n'g: KCover plate, function chip, module, front shell, middle frame; (I # w / ~! D9 r! T4. Screen removal range: 0-52 "; & B6 P3 \; H0 W7}"?5. The cost is about 0.2 yuan / piece (7-inch screen);3 T & R% r! L: U6, minimum - 196 degree, detachable OCA, water glue and other products'J V' [9 I: N1 n% G;? 7. Automatic control,4 C + L '_   O5 ^7 T. }5 dfile:///C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\1F5132E66A3746F3B80507849B2E1600.jpg&W8 n # M: C $? "R7 D # V typical customers: Samsung vision, Jiangxi depute, Shenyue optoelectronics, helitai, Guanzhi, taibaike, Liyou, Guoke, tongxingcheng, Yuye optoelectronics, Guoxian, etc.l.]; y. S & P-A '}: Z" d& o8 X- ~7 H2 P% G4 ZTel: 13828815619 Huang Sheng qq1812100218* x; X! d2 {1 r7 h' t.

High efficiency low temperature disassembly equipment for capacitor screen

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how many degrees below zero can it be disassembled: V (g'e "^ 9 G1 X.
tempengcheng published on July 12, 2014 07:56 # R: Y0 D.
'! G. QHow many degrees below zero can I dismantle it? 4 ~ $n% I% N0, I, |, Y / | 0?If you want to see the glue, you can add me qq1812100218 or call 13828815619. C '? +] + U2] + P ා_ If the temperature is as low as 196 degrees below zero, the LCD screen will be separated automatically, which is not suitable for the product
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