Touch screen is not necessarily suitable for notebook?
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There are a lot of technical points in the development of monitor, such as the selection of panel, size, resolution, visual angle and interface of desktop monitor.
but at present, the maturity of desktop display products is very high.

Touch screen is not necessarily suitable for notebook?

the price and differentiation of products are getting smaller and smaller. Enthusiasts can choose the new 4K 27 inch products, Ordinary players can choose the mainstream brands with 24 inch LED backlight of 1000 ~ 1200 yuan, and the products with high praise in the e-commerce website. There is no need to specify the detailed specifications.
% @ 4} + R7 t. | 1 nThis issue focuses on some new evolution of laptop computers on the screen in the past two years.
two points are focused on: touch screen and high score screen0 X. P1 {, B! ~ * k! S: R} notebook touch screen not only has high cost, but also has serious reflection (V1 n #_ ; p& I+ c( tAfter the launch of Windows 8 system notebook, a large number of notebook screens with touch screen appear.
however, Xiaobian doesn't like notebook touch screen.
there are two reasons. First, the cost of touch screen is higher than that of traditional notebook screen. If you don't use touch operation frequently, it's meaningless to buy touch screen, The outermost layer of the touch screen is mostly toughened glass, in addition to serious fingerprint residue, the biggest problem is that when used in strong light environment, the reflection is serious, and the screen is not clear, which is also a common problem of many mirror screen notebooks.
if you pay more attention to the screen effect when you buy a notebook, Xiaobian would prefer to choose the product with fog screen.
in this paper, we introduce the product with fog screen!] "y6 R (@ # E4 Q3 Z '~ windows system is not good for ultra high resolution screen optimization(V $r'g; R7 q) in the past two years, some high-end ultrathin notebooks began to take high resolution as their selling pointFor example, 2560 × 1920, or even higher 3840 × 2160.
although high-resolution notebooks are more delicate in reading text and high-definition pictures.
there are many problems in practical use.
with the resolution improved and the size unchanged, the icon display will become smaller. Seeing small icons and words, long-term use will cause eye fatigue, Even if the system is forced to enlarge the display scale, there will be many problems, such as the page format will be changed after zooming in.
high score screen has higher performance requirements, such as high score pictures occupy more content, and high-resolution games and video loads above 2K may not run smoothly even if the game PC is running, let alone using a laptop.
this paper introduces the design of high-resolution games and video load#A) x m G6 K7 ` 5 \ # g why can apple notebook have high resolution screen?6 | 6 x h; N: K $W (x {F9} (c + k) Apple's advantage is the closed system.
it can make its own systems and applications quickly adapt to the retina screen, so as to achieve the best visual and user experience, which is one of Apple's advantages in dominating the world.
but windows itself needs to adapt to many models.
from small screen to large screen, from low resolution to high resolution, Application developers will not adapt to high-resolution screen applications alone, so the experience will be greatly reduced.
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not bad.
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