Touch China, a touch screen industry magazine, was released in June. Welcome to download touch screen magazine
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Touch China delivers touch screen products, touch screen technology and touch screen industry trends in real time.

Touch China, a touch screen industry magazine, was released in June. Welcome to download touch screen magazine

enables you to learn the latest technology and development trends of touch screen industry more intuitively and quickly.
as well as some touch screen related information.
benefited from the demand of projection capacitor touch panel.
after several years of obvious growth trend, the protective glass market has experienced rapid growth, However, due to the recent interest of application end brands and the improvement of materials, it will once again stimulate and change the protective glass market/T9 F & [: Q. G2 t 'p:]]]. Main contents of this issue:9 s! y4 l) C* S& i: `1 a* A! [3 i5 C & P / l] K1 s O7_ 1 F.
[The next generation of 3D touch-screen spray gas is used as projection screen (technical part) 5 W4 Q1 I6 S6 A3 MThe whole supply chain of touch panel will face price struggle (focus)! Z * h # U (k6e)Market demand forecast of touch panel protective glass from 2012 to 2018 (market part)- Q" \7 p% H* |, W    ......0 Q! Q0 _ & \8 q6 A (h $P. Z, y%?)3 B2 W2 K # w $e '` quickstep developed by Google can calculate touchpad delay: F + Q + J "K1 K! E *`Xtouch makes any surface of iPad touchpad 8 I4 L / P "F" R; ~ 0 t # xThe 0.05mm thick glass coil: s (k * ^ 3 M / V    ……: Q. V% Z( z/ },j* \5 r& V8 f: s2 G+ m; \3 X: P# y% OFocus of the Journal:: J! L1 I! D. {5 F} smartphone screen details7 ?" E4 N3 h$ Z(S6, n% w / A0: H) directory of touch screen manufacturers: 9 W; n # Q8, y $D6 @ 7)@Collect the information of touch screen manufacturers and businesses in the industry to enrich your customer resources' ~) A3 ]7 F& y' v* j4 s( H$ M1 E" ~. x) \& c8 QHot topics:-Comparison of glass and film capacitors% o * \! S! X O3 M & T'N4 S5 Y1 V "a' {8 E) x0 m > touch application: X" K # ') t (o8 q-g5 fGo straight to Computex 2014 Taipei International Computer Show4 d! b. m7 Y) ^' {4 aDownload address advantages of touch China4 X1 D9 ` 6 K - R / ^ 7 n (y. V - L * U + P) 1. Touch China is edited by China touch screen network( )The magazine has a large industry database on the professional platform of China touch screen network, which can ensure that the magazine has high-quality readers.
(? 4 ~! X7 u'q0y2. The founder of "touch China" magazine is now the world's largest touch screen professional website - China touch screen website( ).
With the good platform of China touch screen network, "touch China" has won a good reputation and credibility in the TP industry.
'm) P (w # C 'H9 K8 J.
? * H3. With touch China continuously strengthening cooperation and market exchange with touch screen manufacturers at home and abroad, touch China has become a good magazine to promote the development of Chinese touch screen enterprises.
s # I & J8 ^;? 8 V & X, {:} 7 x% K.
good thing!
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is it possible for magazine fonts to be designed to adjust font size? Sometimes it's hard to look down on the font ~ ~ thank you ~ ~.
yellow screen printing and laser all refer to the previous process.
these three processes all need the screen printing machine, but the printing here only depends on the etching line of the screen printing / W "R" y% Y & B^( ]7 X4 w$ i4 t( ]' E2 I' C* U- ]- S5 T, {* J  i$ d# R; D, ^; A1 b$ q3 zAdvantages: 1. Large capacity; 2. High yield of DITO / Ag; 4. Narrow frame; 5. Suitable for all structures; 6. Fine L / S; 7. Small investment and short process; 8. Large size; 9. Small consumables; 10. Line width 20u; 11. Line width 25U; 12. Not easy to be eliminated*L * u5i3o + e4c7 d% H0 E-R; k4b, Z (L: ~'l% d * t'x [disadvantages: A, large investment, large process B, slow efficiency C, heavy pollution,EIA Daya pear D, high man-machine requirements e, part of the structure TP F: sito G: only small and medium size H: consumables I: line width 808 ^, W8 f_ 7 J! gA obvious advantages and disadvantages analysis: 2 Y1 C5 M% D2 @ 4 F9? (B1]C advantages: "Q '@ / V & I + G4'%@|Disadvantages: a C D hx2 I3 m (D "K8 a # K" q) Q; W0 T1 T9 W0} $VScreen printing (1:2 etching paste)$g (H & l5h. A2)! [) x (O "A0 g) advantages: 1237.80 A7 n. F3 u'o # R5 I2 Q9 ~ # @ 6 e + P:} / k% h5h disadvantages: C D E iy 'D4 - F, | 4 T1 t* ^( W" `) G0 T; _ ;}, w $L8 B-M # S3 ^ laser: 1 F5 J% P3 U) t # D5 w) \ (R / J% w9 W6 @ # @ 0 N! FAdvantages: , O# I" f2 V8 p& g8 r1 B  S* p: q) d/ L$ P) k* @Disadvantages: B F g. (1 V (Y # D3 L5 L E) H; {  a4 {. B/ H  D7 a. e # h; @ 5 a # R% R - g f is off duty and needs to be supplementedY $Q4 S & W / x2 f ': J) r electrical performance mainly depends on the structure and process requirements of the touch screen,The yield is also determined by equipment and process.
O; m / X: |: C; G'm + Q + e: yellow light> laser> silk screen2 Z + C8] 5 R / b *]. C0 N5 h. x9 D.
l2a4 ~ production capacity: yellow light, screen printing > laser $o) ^! @;} f $d+ o2 {- L; t  _ $q! X # Z process complexity: yellow light> silk (I% V2 J (O + i5 V0 a)"X S9 H! S' n. D6 @ 8 '$Z + S. h $? I'm a laser equipment manufacturer. This year's main products are: * k; F - J0 K0 I1 S $t~ "C5 q $E4 W. M $U1, OGS wafer process laser etcher / yellow light,; L. S4 '% {& W. M / V5 E2 U: t bright spot: disposable non splicing can etch 3.5 ~ 12 inch caterpillar pattern, line width 20 ~ 40u, etching yield 98%, production capacity example: etching 7 inch caterpillar pattern in 13 seconds, a device less than 18W, no pollution, no consumables, large market demand, low entry threshold, The requirement of man-machine is very low.
in the TP industry, it can also mark the ink logo of the cover plate.
it can achieve semi transparent / full transparent / mirror silver effect.
it can also mark the back of the backlight module.
it can keep the value in real time.
it can also use the domestic yellow light equipment [url] = \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ [/ url] (within 150000) to realize the yellow light process.
small equipment can also be used as high-end products (it can also be used as traditional capacitors): [, e "t) m (^ + @% W2 j + m} (B1, OGS wafer process laser etcher / laser yellow light,R: I: D - H8 n: I the production of large chip is higher than that of small chip, the only reason is that the cost of the second strong chip is too high. The output of 355 * 406 can be 18 pieces. According to the customer's requirements, the second strong chip can be made, physical and chemical second strong chip. There is no coating process at all. Black and white color can be mass produced, and the yield is 75-85, which depends on the process design, the realization of Ag jumper, or FPC jumper,,, At present, the market positioning of OGS is mainly divided into three sectors.
1. Metal bridging.
2. Caterpillar technology. 3. G! F (one side on film, one side on cover plate) (s "Q8 M7 w. j-n2)[1.
metal bridging has no such strength for most companies to produce with the major listed companies in this economic zone.
high cost and price "[% K1 [. P7 x] V8 M2.
large and small (TOL) of caterpillar laser and yellow light#? 7 D3 m - {3 V / V} the former has low laser hairiness cost and good yield control.
it is suitable for making tol small pieces, and the intensity meets the requirements.
it can be used for coating before laser etching.
it has a great advantage (mainly due to the stability of the process control laser) the yellow light large pieces can be mass produced, At present, the top two in the market are divided into physical strengthening and chemical strengthening, while the top two are customized according to the price of customers$ S! X/ d1 |( K- R6 xThe above is my personal experience and understanding of OGS.
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