Full automatic cover plate LCM protective film laminating machine
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This post was edited by powerde88 at 11:04, August 1, 2014: v1 b# `5 e  h3 B; f7 c) _ : J! r& L8 b# t0 P' ~3 g7 v( |$ R1 M5 s' o! H9 ?  J. q0 r5 EOptical fiber alignment front and back laminating machine is mainly used for rigid / flexible bonding between glass substrate and protective film, which can process 8-inch products and be compatible with small size.
edge positioning is adopted, and optical fiber alignment system is used for alignment.
scope of application: pasting protective film process; processing products; glass substrate + protective film; product size: 3.5 ″~ 8 ″; Protective film thickness ≥ 0.08mm, beat C / T 8s ~ 10s, lamination accuracy ± 0.15mm on the first side, lamination yield ≥ 98% on the second side, automatic loading and unloading, 7000pcs / day (press 20hrs / day) operation system, touch screen operation.

Full automatic cover plate LCM protective film laminating machine

process menu function control System: PLC control system, man-machine interface operation: equipment size: 3615mm width: 1800m depth: 2200mm height: 800kg equipment weight: 1phase AC220V / 50Hz / 2kW 9 m-p1 Y & n (r7q)Shenzhen Baode automation precision equipment Co., Ltd. address: Yijing Industrial Park, No.1, Xinfang street, Guixin Road, Guanlan street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen 13686811728 Zheng Sheng QQ: 25781494 http://www.powerde.net/.
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