Without Samsung's patent, Apple would not be able to produce a smartphone
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Samsung's tough response to Apple: iPhone needs Samsung's patent.
Shin Jong Kyun, head of Samsung's mobile business, said this week.

Without Samsung's patent, Apple would not be able to produce a smartphone

without Samsung's patent, Apple may not be able to produce smartphones.
this statement indicates that although HTC has decided to settle all disputes with apple, Samsung will not "surrender."_1 |* P# t! l/ n! "The truth never lies.
without Samsung's wireless patent,
Apple may not be able to produce mobile phone products.
Samsung has a strong wireless patent portfolio.
Samsung's legal team is making a strong response to this dispute.
it is indeed possible to reopen the case.
V "Y) l ${8 n: s% u' H1 s* C+ O$ s7 D5 U6 c* lIn an interview with Yonhap news last week, Shen zongjun said that Samsung would not follow HTC's example and settle with apple: "HTC may agree to pay 300 billion won (about $276.6 million) to apple, but we will not do so at all.
" y] + H8 e-s9 f # T4{# e7 `# R3 E9 _ 8 ESince April 2011,
a fierce patent war has broken out between Samsung and apple, and now the dispute has spread to four continents of the world.
in August this year,
a U.S. Court ruled that Galaxy S series smartphones infringed a number of patents on iPhone and iPad,Samsung was asked to pay apple more than $1 billion in damages.
Samsung subsequently appealed the decision.
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Z7 p4 g& nHowever, apple did not take advantage in other countries, and courts in the Netherlands and Japan rejected Apple's allegation of Samsung's infringement.
earlier this month, strategy analytics, a market research firm, released a report, The Samsung Galaxy S III has replaced the iPhone 4S as the best-selling smartphone.
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